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The Second Chakra and Water Element

The Second Chakra (also called Root Chakra) is located at your Sacrum and/or Womb. In Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practice, this Second Chakra belongs to Water Element.  Water governs emotions.  Negative emotions are said to accumulate in our organs.  For example, the liver accumulates anger, and the kidney, frustration, the spleen, fear. Water element … Continue reading The Second Chakra and Water Element

On Grounding – Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing perspective

With the blessing from the Cosmic energy, such as sun light, we are able to exist on the Earth. This dimension, the third dimensional world consists of humans, animals and existence of various vibrations, low and high.  The amazing fact is that the Earth accommodates all of us as what we are, nurtures us, and … Continue reading On Grounding – Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing perspective

On Grounding

The Era of the Air element has started. From now on, humanity will seek and look into something ‘ in the air’, such as communication and information, more than before.  People will feel the strong need in fully pursuing their own dreams, leaving the traditional consciousness of what should they become and do within the … Continue reading On Grounding

March 2021 Special

💗Release, Refresh and Recharge in order to maximise your potential and manifest what you truly desire in your life! Tomoko’s Spiritual Coaching Session information 1 Theta Healing Session 1 hour consultation/ A$100 Online(ZOOM) This consultation is for you if you are; Wishing to spend 100% of your energy for the direction of life where you want to, … Continue reading March 2021 Special

Why we see our past lives. Part 1

This happened during my weekly Theta Healing practice with my friend Clara. “How was your week, Tomoko?” Clara asked.  “Yeah, great! “ “What happened?” “Well, I was getting into healing techniques of Indigenous Australians.  They are truly amazing!  I thought that they have been in Australia for 20,000 years, but an article I found on … Continue reading Why we see our past lives. Part 1

On Healing

How wonderful out potential as a human being!  I have just realised it… During the Theta Healing’s Intuitive Anatomy class, I ‘was forced’ to practice digging for our core beliefs EVERYDAY 4-5 hours for 3 weeks (15 days).  Little by little, I became able to see the storyline of our everyday life and events.   What … Continue reading On Healing

Energy and the Product

I have been feeling this creative force for a while now. Whatever the source of energy is (well, it’s clear that they are divine), I decided to make a great use of it, rather than deny it (as it seems a bit random and too intense, hence inconvenient sometimes). And why not? I am then … Continue reading Energy and the Product

Kannon statue on the hill looking over the sea of Minami Soma City, Fukushima, Japan

  Eight years have passed since the East Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. A new Kannon statue was built, looking over the coastline of Minami Soma city, which had been severely affected by the tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Powerplant, about 20 km away.  This Kannon statue (Kannon, or Kuanin, the Buddha of deep understanding … Continue reading Kannon statue on the hill looking over the sea of Minami Soma City, Fukushima, Japan

A foolproof business model

Recently, I had an opportunity to look closely at a presentation video about one clever business model which supposed to free people from being the prisoner of time and distance.  It is based on ESBI quadrant, combined with a clever customer increasing tactics for a much lower cost than conventional business practice.  The case study … Continue reading A foolproof business model

Life by the sea

  This Christmas and New Year holiday was very special and inspirational.  We stayed at home most of the time.  With a teenager daughter, a ten-years-old son, and a husband for more than 2 decades, I was not sure if I could still make our relationship and family life reasonably OK and fun for nearly … Continue reading Life by the sea

Transmitter Quartz Crystal

  You would feel like as if you were in the magnificent gigantic cathedral.  However, it was NOT a cathedral, as its ceiling and walls and every other structure were made out of shiny transparent material like a glass.  Perhaps it was more appropriate to say that the building was like a huge dome.  Its … Continue reading Transmitter Quartz Crystal

Shallots and Cosmos

As soon as the sign of spring arrived, I bought a punnet of shallot seedlings and planted them in my garden.  Those seedlings were very thin, like needles, and feeble.  I made holes for them first, then placed each seedling in the hole, and then, put the soil back in with great care.  Finally, I … Continue reading Shallots and Cosmos

The Crystal and The Moon

Driving down to further south, on the road which runs near the ocean twisted around the escarpment, there stood one small antique shop, quite alone.  Mrs. Hudson, the owner of the shop was a slightly mysterious lady, yet, at the same time, could be quite generous and friendly.  Some lucky weekend city escapers could be … Continue reading The Crystal and The Moon

Rose: Sentimental

I strongly believe that   this is the rose which should be sent to ALL the women in the world. Why?  Because it is heavenly. Heavenly, because there are so many petals which opens loosely yet elegantly, and its aroma fascinates anyone, who obtains just one of this roses. This is the art and precious … Continue reading Rose: Sentimental

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