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Awaken the inner magic with Energy Healing and Sound Healing (Tibetan Singing Bowls).

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Connecting with your divinity by Theta Healing and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing.

Awaken the magic within yourself! May 2022 Special!

Wanting to visit somewhere in the wilderness? Being drawn to pieces of nature, such as crystals, herbs and plants, trees and flowers? Longing to become free and without a worry? Starting to realise that you are much more than you think? Then read this article and try Tomoko’s Healing Session, May Magic Special 2022!

Theta Healing Holiday Special!

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Release with Ease

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On Grounding

The Era of the Air element has started. From now on, humanity will seek and look into something ‘ in the air’, such as communication and information, more than before.  People will feel the strong need in fully pursuing their own dreams, leaving the traditional consciousness of what should they become and do within the…

March 2021 Special

💗Release, Refresh and Recharge in order to maximise your potential and manifest what you truly desire in your life! Tomoko’s Spiritual Coaching Session information 1 Theta Healing Session 1 hour consultation/ A$100 Online(ZOOM) This consultation is for you if you are; Wishing to spend 100% of your energy for the direction of life where you want to,…

Healing session menu

Theta Healing Session 1 hour consultation/ AUD$120 Online(ZOOM) 1 hour and a half consultation/ AUD$150. Online(ZOOM) This consultation is for you if you are wising to; Direct your energy for creating the life you truly desire.Improve relationships, including family, loved ones, at work, etc.Release yourself from trauma in the past – childhood, this life and past…


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Why we see our past lives. Part 2

Another friend of mine in the Theta Healing circle mentioned something even more inspiring about my past life experience. “You’ve learned what it feels like to be at the mercy of others in that past life.  At the same time, you have also given them (those who looked after me) an opportunity to show mercy…

Why we see our past lives. Part 1

This happened during my weekly Theta Healing practice with my friend Clara. “How was your week, Tomoko?” Clara asked.  “Yeah, great! “ “What happened?” “Well, I was getting into healing techniques of Indigenous Australians.  They are truly amazing!  I thought that they have been in Australia for 20,000 years, but an article I found on…