Rose: Sentimental


I strongly believe that

  this is the rose which should be sent to ALL the women in the world.

Why?  Because it is heavenly.

Heavenly, because there are so many petals which opens loosely yet elegantly,

and its aroma fascinates anyone, who obtains just one of this roses.

This is the art and precious gift from the nature.

This rose, “Sentimental” it is called, does not have a big face.

Scarlet lines run across randomly across the petals

with splash of that scarlet mixed with the water,

it makes pretty impressive pattern

as if it is painted by hand.

If you have a privilege of picking one from the garden,

and putting it into a glass bottle,

you will notice immediately that

the scent catches you completely.

It contains very strong and freely spirited energy

that may open your heart from deep inside.

The fragrance of this rose is enchanting,

yet it fits into your everyday environment effortlessly.

Having just one of this rose on the table,

you will notice the immediate appearance of elegance.

It is a mystery, or tragedy I should say that

I have never witnessed this rose on the window of any flower shop in town.

Surely it is the time for someone to start growing this a lot!

My “Sentimental” roses come from my garden.

 I bought the plant 2 years ago and planted it on one section of my front garden.

The plant has been growing healthily since.

I can see more buds have been produced this year and they become fatter and fatter day by day.

The ultimate happiness for me, in this season, is that

enjoying fully the elegance of this rose,

petal opening and fragrance released little by little

in my own garden.

I am seriously wonder that

which woman could resist a bunch of this rose from anyone…

For example, in the case of dreamy teenager girls,

by having a single flower of this “Sentimental” rose

in her bed room,

she will immediately see that

her life becomes suddenly full of hope, wonder and adventures

instead of hopeless and desperate escapism.

For the young lady

who has just graduated the school, and

who has been trying hard not to be swollen by the harsh reality of everyday life,

this rose helps her to bring back the remaining memory of her femineity

buried deep inside of hear heart,

by freely spirited the painting of the scarlet pattern of the petals, and

sweet yet deep fragrance that which rescue her back from the harsh reality of the everyday life.

For the dedicated mother,

who becomes a bit weary of looking after her little one day by day by herself,

if someone (hopefully her beloved husband) send just one of this rose,

her heart will become full of joy,

as if her favourite aunt gives her a small sweet treat without telling her mum.

In the case of middle-aged lady,

by having this rose in her bed side table in the evening,

she may have to start re-building her true self from scratch,

as ultimate beauty and truth of this rose will make her feel uncomfortable

about her vanity which has been built over the years

such as make-up (to look younger yet accommodating), dresses, jewellery and social status.

This is a great chance for all woman in this age to fully become awake as a true-self – however, I wonder,

how many of us are able to face this challenge?

If you are a lonely woman of certain old age

by having one of this rose on your bed table

you will know that you have received the best possible gift from your life.

You, then, will be able to depart this life with absolute peace.

This ‘Sentimental’ rose can give so much to women that

I cannot honestly expect to find another single rose that can.

Lastly, but not the least,

this “Sentimental” rose grows in very modest manner in your garden,

despite its show-stopping looks and fragrance.

It is the best if you can plant this rose on the earth directly,


I believe you can also grow it in the big container which has at least 36 cent meter diameter.

With high quality potting mix, high quality organic fertiliser, water and constant communication with and love from you,

this ‘Sentimental’ rose will give you ultimate joy that is beyond description

for the rest of your life.

By Eurus Piper

Published by Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Coaching, Theta Healing Practitioner (IA & D&D) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist. English and Japanese language instructor. Creative writer, obsessive reader, passionate gardener and magical crystal lover!

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