Why You Should NOT Grow Lavender In Your Garden


Bluish purple lavender flowers are keeping me busy right now.  I took cuttings from my old lavender bush and propagated them a couple of years ago. Now in their second year of being in the ground, all my lavender bushes are well established and in full bloom.  After the tiring day at work, I will come back home, with hungry children, and prepare dinner.  Then I eat my dinner rather quickly, and I go to the front garden where all my second-year lavender bushes are.  Why?  Because I need to harvest them before they’ve ruined.  If you think I am promoting to you that you should grow lavender at home, however, WRONG!  Here are some points I need to make before you are going to make a fatal mistake of try growing lavender bush at your own garden!


  1. Lavender is too easy to grow. No need to water every day, only a tiny amount of fertiliser may be necessary, and insects generally hate sticking around in lavender bush, so you don’t need to treat lavender with any chemicals.  Isn’t it too boring for you?  Particularly, if you are very caring person who also loves gardening, or who would like to try gardening as a new hobby?


  1. Lavender contains very fragrant medicinal substances in its body. This relaxes you, getting rid of your exhaustion and headache, heals your sore throught, and bring you a very good night sleep!  Imagine what your thoughts would be like when you wake up the following day.


And this is going to be a big problem.  How are people around you going to cope with you, looking rejuvenated, full of energy and alert, and even looking gorgeous!  You may be looked as ‘threat’ for the rest of the population who are very tired all the time, lack of energy and motivation.  You seem to be able to change the whole world into blight and sunny ones and they are not going to like that, I assume, so they are likely to stay away from you.


  1. Isolation will continue not only because you become super healthy (because of your lavender bushes in your garden), but also you will change completely…you bring back all the life force that you are born with, the mighty gift from the god and the creator. Now you believe you can do anything on the planet…you feel grateful and you appreciate everything you have, everything you have experienced, everyone you met (and going to meet in the future) as they are all contributing what you are and what you want to become.  You have already reached the common goal of humanity – to become happy.  You are happy now (because of your lavender bushes in your garden!).  What are you going to do now?


  1. You are going to have another big problem in your life because of your lavender bushes in your garden. Having lavender bushes makes your garden exceptionally beautiful…Why is this problem?  This is going to be a problem because you are going to spend more time in the garden, even after tiresome day at work and you rather go to bed directly, rather than snipping off ten, or fifty lavender flowers in the evening, sniffing its fragrance (relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time!). You may put a ribbon on it and leave it on the bedside table – a wonderful dried flower  that helps you a good night sleep.  Again, you are going to be even healthier and happier because this lavender bunch will guarantee you a wonderful and restful sleep.  You may pick more lavenders and make bunches for your collegues.  They will love your small gift from your garden and thank you.  You will be happy again, so most likely, you are going to look after your lavender bushes even more so that you can harvest and share lavender flowers with them.  Think again…do you really have time and energy to do that?



  1. There are more ill effects from growing lavender bushes in your garden. Its easiness to grow, extremely positive effects on your health and the sense of happiness, your garden’s transformation into extremely beautiful lavender heaven, you running out of time because you need to pick thousands of lavender bushes for yourself and your collegue or friends…they are a just a few of many ill effects from growing lavender bushes in your garden.  Lastly but not the least, I will give you warning about this dangerous practice of growing lavender bushes in your garden.

There are tens hundreds variety of lavender in the world.  Briefly speaking, there are three major lavender varieties readily available on the market; English lavender, which has small heads with hundreds of small flowers with strong aroma; French lavender, which seems to have strongest growing habit near the ocean or where there is a strong wind with extreme temperature.  Italian or Spanish lavender, which has two distinct ‘feather looking’ parts on its head, is very amiable and popular as well.  Each variety I have mentioned just now has variations in colour – traditional Lavender blue, stronger blue or soft blue, strong pink coloured or soft coloured and white.   They are all beautiful and attractive.  You will definitely like to spend some money to acquire 3 or 4 or 5 more different variety of lavenders.

Can you afford them?  I am already starting to get worried….


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