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You would feel like as if you were in the magnificent gigantic cathedral.  However, it was NOT a cathedral, as its ceiling and walls and every other structure were made out of shiny transparent material like a glass.  Perhaps it was more appropriate to say that the building was like a huge dome.  Its ceiling was very high, as if reaching the sky.  On the central part of its floor, there was a big, mysterious and magical looking pattern painted with bright and thick colours.  An arabesque?   Or flower of life? It was not clear.\

If you looked at closely, you would notice that there were always several people surrounded the pattern on the flower, as if they were waiting something.  Then all of the sudden, in the mid-air, roughly one metre above the centre of the flower pattern on the floor, the dense energy would burst out and sparkling lights would be released.  This energy then would become a sphere.

Now, the people around the centre of the floor, while an energy sphere hovering over in the mid-air, would examine the energy sphere.  If someone became sure that it belonged to them, they would proceed towards the sphere, receive it with both hands, then swore allegiance to the mission in which the sphere had chosen. Each energy sphere was belonged to one person on Earth, with their chosen mission inside. We, who live in this astral plane, either chose to become this human’s guardian angel, or to become human ourselves in order to support the mission and its owner in its unique ways.

Let me introduce us to you now. We are the entity who lives in the astral plane where spirit and matters meet and coexist. Our main role is to support humans on the earth, who supposed to live according to the laws of universe, to fullfill their missions.  We wear a tightly fit suit, which shines by the light through the transparent ceiling and walls of the building. The material of these suits is very functional and comfortable for us. Our shoes are made out of another functional material, but not animal skin. It is very smooth and shiny and the design was very smart and smooths. Most common colours were black, grey and white. There were a several different designs, including nine centimetres high heels.

All of us in this astral plane were waiting to receive a mission from the energy sphere one day. Receiving the energy sphere means you find your own mission and would support the mission of the energy sphere.  By receiving the sphere, we started to live our own stories in this life in full, leaving our lives to something greater than our thoughts or flesh.

I was not expecting to receive my energy sphere soon. Most likely that I had to wait for a long long time, mainly because I was not reached the certain age yet.

And usually us, astral entities, were considered to learn and experience various subjects in our lives at school, until we were ‘ready’. When will we become ready?  Ready for what?  It was a pure pain for me, to learn boring subjects and waiting something could happen as a result.  True, I am NOT the age for the energy sphere, so is my height, yet.  I am NOT that smart either. I don’t know the entire constellation in the night sky, nor I cannot read every wind across ocean and the earth while I am just contemplating the ultimate question – how to expand the mind of humans on earth.  I don’t have the knowledge, ability and consciousness for them.  I, however, truly wanted my energy sphere so that I could be descending to the earth, meeting my soul family and friends, and starting my own story.  My stories? Yes, it will be my stories.  I know I am human on earth.

 I was sending jealous looks to the centre of the floor, as usual.  I was jealous that someone would receive the energy sphere.  I was also giving up because I knew that I was not the age yet and was not ready yet.  There were several people, surrounded the centre of the floor, waiting the sphere.  Some felt they would receive the sphere that day, or were told by someone above that they would receive the sphere today.

This energy sphere arrived unusually.

When the energy sphere appeared from the air, there were usually countless rays of sparkling light, descending slowly from the ceiling to the floor.  Then we knew it was time the energy sphere would appear any moment.

However, that energy sphere didn’t have usual sparkling lights descending from the ceiling, therefore no one knew the sphere would appear soon afterwards.

At first, it appeared faintly a couple of time, like a fire without much fuel, then disappeared, then appeared again.  Apparently, this process lasted 2,3 minutes (according to someone who watched the recording later on).  While this ‘indecisive’ energy appeared and disappeared and appeared again in front of the people, the dark clouds started to occupy the large part of the sky.  Then there was a strong cracking noise as if the glass ceiling was broken.

A strong and energy-full light came through the dome suddenly.  It looked that the light was absorbed in the centre of the floor.  Then the energy sphere appeared.

“It was, as if, very indecisive person was forced to make a decision to come out from the air…”

said one of audience, much later.

Because of this dramatic and unusually appearance of this energy sphere, people who surrounds it took a couple of steps backwards in order to see how the things was going.  I needed to go backwards too but wasn’t careful enough to check what’s behind me.  There was a pot plant and I tripped over it, about to fall on the floor.  Then something happened totally unexpectedly.  The energy sphere saw me I was about to fall. It flew over me and wrapped my body and hold it, just before I hit the floor, then got me up.

“Thank you…”

The energy sphere smiled to my ‘thank you’, I recognised it.  Then, I held the energy sphere with both of my hands.

A man from the crowd stood at front, shook his head and pointed his finger at me.

“No no no…just because it saved you from hitting the floor, it does not to mean that that sphere belong to you, does it?  You haven’t reached the age yet, either.  Well, give the sphere back here.  We need to find its true owner…”

I objected indignantly. “No, this is mine.  That’s why it saved me from falling onto the floor.”

“Well well well, think carefully, my child.  All sphere is a gift from God, a chunk of unconditional love.  It is, therefore, quite natural for any sphere to save anyone, just like that sphere saved you just now.  However, this particular sphere is not an ordinary sphere – it must have very important, heavy responsibilities and extraordinary mission.”

“This is mine and I know it.”

What I said seemed hit the man’s nerve.

“Stop being such a stubborn child.  This is NOT a toy.  We don’t want you to be unreasonable anymore.”

“Why are you so sure that this sphere doesn’t belong to me?”

He pointed to the ceiling.

“Short time before this sphere appeared from the air, a strong ray of light descended from the sky. It means this sphere has significant mission which could cause a big change in the human world.  Do you understand?  It is very special mission, indeed.”

Squeezing my courage out of my heart, I faced that man meeting eye to eye, and said calmly but challengingly.

“You are saying that I am not good enough for that mission?”

The man sighed and hesitated a little.

“I am saying that you are not yet ready for it.”

Surely, I was still a bit younger that others who got those energy spheres for themselves.  However, to tell you the truth, I had been waiting to receive mission from the sphere since I was a little child.  I still rushed through things too quickly and was still scared of a few things and I hadn’t demonstrated the sign of leadership, such as being able to make a big decision in a calm and decisive manner.  But, it is absolutely true that I had been waiting the moment I received the energy sphere and its mission, so that I could do something.  I couldn’t wait anymore!

“Sir, this is my energy sphere. I have been waiting so long.  I would not allow anyone to take it from me anymore.”

My voice became weaker and weaker.  Was it truly me, saying all this?  The tears dropped from my eyes.  The energy sphere noticed it and became large, so that it wrapped my entire body again.  A countless number of sparkling lights started to descent slowly.  At the same time, several hundreds of energy spheres appeared from the air one by one, then they all became one with the sphere that wrapped my body.  People, including the man who demanded that I return the energy sphere, watched this incredible sight with awe or terror.

Then, we heard the voice, descending from the heaven.

“Are you ready for the mission?”

I nodded and looked up the ceiling.  With my arms spread fully, I could make my sphere’s energy even brighter and stronger.  Then a ray of light came through from the sky, became one with my energy, and then wrapped everyone in that dome.

That was how my journey begun.


by Eurus Piper

Published by Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Coaching, Theta Healing Practitioner (IA & D&D) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist. English and Japanese language instructor. Creative writer, obsessive reader, passionate gardener and magical crystal lover!

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