A foolproof business model

Recently, I had an opportunity to look closely at a presentation video about one clever business model which supposed to free people from being the prisoner of time and distance.  It is based on ESBI quadrant, combined with a clever customer increasing tactics for a much lower cost than conventional business practice.  The case study of this business model is about one ever-growing travel company begun in 2008 from the U.S.

It sounded very cool, as this implies (to me, at least) that I am going to have enough (or more) money to keep me going in this life and society or beyond and I still have more time to do other things I like.  Who doesn’t want that? I am totally in for this idea and I mean it.  However, through watching this presentation video last night, I kept finding some big flaws in this business model and their suggestions for me.  I started to feel the strong need to explain why I felt this model is NOT foolproof and we need to seek more to obtain true freedom for ourselves.  Let me.

The business this presentation video introduces as a successful case study is an online-based business.  It shows how to attract more and more customers with a combination of Affiliate/ collaboration and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) which apparently ‘compensates the weakness of each other’ – really clever and I am sure it will work if what you offer is what they truly need and want.

Unfortunately, even after 60 minutes of me watching eagerly, this presentation video failed to show why the luxurious resorts in the world with the lowest fees are good for us.

True, the presentation video shows the company apply the clever ‘club member system, which increases the customer with the word of mouth.  Apparently, more than 62,000,000 people in 36 countries in the world, including China and Hong Kong, are joining this company.  However, this company is not widely known among Japanese yet.  – who is a still prisoner of ‘working long hours are good and necessary and to offer what is good, we need to sacrifice ourselves’ myth.  And I am afraid it is going to take a bit longer for any investors to obtain reasonable benefits by investing this company from Japan unlike the presentation video suggested.

For instance, most Japanese people still cannot take holidays more than 3 or 5 days easily as an entitlement except the Golden Week (a series of public holidays in Japan starting the end of April till the first week of May).  Any company won’t let you take the holiday, as this is too luxurious to bear, or other reasons.  And you will not fully enjoy the luxurious resorts of the world only for 2,3 days in the first place.   And unfortunately, most Japanese people don’t know how to spend the holiday time at the luxurious resorts of the world.  So here, I cannot see any business opportunities in current Japan, unless the people of Japan themselves start to think about what they want for themselves, and move past the mentality of ‘that’s what the cool rich people in the western countries do so we shall do it too ‘.

To be fair, it is good to have plenty of time and a spacious place to spend time during the holiday,   but not to the point where you started to feel you need to keep inviting your friends to join the company so that you get more points to spend in those luxurious places.

Moreover, what do those ‘luxurious resorts’ have?  Do they have what I want?  For example, do they have a Stonehenge circle where ancient druids gather and prayed for divines and miracle?  Do they have a small street where somehow you feel you were there before in the very long past?  Are those places able to connect you the unconditional love of the universe and the lost ancient civilisation of Lemuria?  Can I find the secrets of the Earth and Universe?  Or simply, can I find myself – divine and true self – in those places?    Because this is what I want for my holiday.

Collecting points to spend is a very addictive game too, like a video game – it’s just a game, but not what you truly want, but you think you need because you are addicted to.  You believe or are forced to believe you need to collect points to prove the investment is worthy or prove yourself.  Really, why do you need to do that? Have we thought about this hard and seriously,  even once?

The more customers the better – this is still a mentality of an ancient belief system called ‘the bigger the better, for whatever reason’.  We now need reasons, or purposes to be more precise. Why is it better for us?

The idea of ‘the more the better’ seriously undermines the benefit of having a however small number of totally satisfied customers as opposed to vaguely satisfied customers of a very large number.  To explain in rather extreme terms, I strongly believe ONE totally satisfied resort hotel user is much more than a large number of the sort if satisfied customers.  Because, why do you engage in the hospitality industry in the first place?  You want to make your guest comfortable, relaxed and rejuvenated at your place, and that’s happiness for you.   Only in this mindset of the hospitality company, you will be guaranteed the worthwhile luxurious experience.

What do you know about what that luxurious resort offers?  Does it truly attract you?  Why?  If not, why not?   Do you know what are you looking for in your holiday destination, for example?  Certainly, you are no longer seeking some accommodation and resort facilities just because ‘it is the world’s best’ and ‘it is the cheapest offer’.  Or if you do, do you seriously think you can meet the needs of ever-evolving human being on Earth and the Universe?

I know what I truly want for my holiday.  And that’s what YOU need to find out first, before taking what others might think seriously, because it may not true, but you have to know what you want.

Lastly but not the least, this presentation video was apparently made by one of the clever people (no doubt) from Japan who writes a very popular travel blog (according to the ‘official ranking’).  Is it only me who can see the deliberate (or desperate) measure by the world travel industry?

Digging deeper for what we truly want and need is the first thing we all need to do.  It’s a shame that this presentation video that I was talking about does not yet come to the point, after watching it for more than 60 minutes last night.  Perhaps it will come after paying $700 they suggest to me.  Sorry, but I cannot be bothered, this is clearly NOT good enough for me.

And what we will get if we dig deeper and deeper ourselves?   I believe we will find out the very unique and infinite possibility of business ideas.  And if we can find this, we will be invincible, even if:

  • You feel a large number of time and energy are consumed by your mundane work right now, or
  • You feel that your family, your boss or your colleague, your friend or your lover or enemy (or someone else) are taking control of you and your life right now, or
  • You feel you are totally worthless and nothing to offer to the world so you need to surrender to whatever more powerful (job, person, situation, etc.) right now, or
  • You feel you are surrounded by the enemy and you have no friends right now,

There will surely be a way out, the way that only you can find and create.

Keep believing yourself!

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