Energy and the Product

I have been feeling this creative force for a while now.

Whatever the source of energy is (well, it’s clear that they are divine), I decided to make a great use of it, rather than deny it (as it seems a bit random and too intense, hence inconvenient sometimes).

And why not?

I am then wondering if it is useful or not, being driven by this crazy storm of energy? What will I get? What did I get so far? Did I get anything?

And I started to come back to my sense… What Do I mean by ‘get something’? Do I do this (what???) just because I want to get anything?

No, I want it and I got it, become bad about it because it makes me uplifted, happy, accepted and understood, realised my possibilities and responsibilities about myself and my life.

Thank you!

By Eurus Piper

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