On Healing

How wonderful out potential as a human being!  I have just realised it…

During the Theta Healing’s Intuitive Anatomy class, I ‘was forced’ to practice digging for our core beliefs EVERYDAY 4-5 hours for 3 weeks (15 days). 

Little by little, I became able to see the storyline of our everyday life and events.   What a tactful and desperate attempt of our subconscious to make me realise something inside needs to be looked at.

I had sorrow and grief towards my father when I was very little. He was not a friendly ‘dad’ and hardly talked me or played with me. This sorrow and grief were kept inside of my chest for more than 40 years.  Just recently, I realised that I manifested some of my wishes in my house.  I worked on this matter with my practice session partner during the course and saw it from the higher perspective and realised what the lesson was.  I realised how strong our manifestation ability is.  It was amazing, and at the same time, very powerful, perhaps too powerful especially when you aren’t aware of it.

In another scenario, I was a four year-old girl. My father took me to a walk to the nearby river.  While my father was reading a newspaper sitting on the river bank, I drowned myself, jumping into the huge gutter leading to the river.  I still clearly remember the figure of my father from water.  My father was trying to save me up from the water and picked me up.  “ Hey, it’s dad!  He is going to pick me up now!”  I was very happy and lost my consciousness soon afterwards.  I stayed a hospital for a while after that and was critical condition for 2 or 3 days.  My life was saved, however. My heart didn’t stop because I didn’t have a fear of water but a joy of seeing my father pick me up.

I told this to my practice session partner.  She got something straight away and said to me, “so you got what you wanted!”  She pointed out straight that I created this drama by jumping into the huge gutter, and made my dad to pick me up.   What an amazing manifestation ability of 4 year-old girl!  And the other possibilities that could end in trauma for the rest of my family…(cancel that!).  And my soul will keep on making dramas somewhere else in the universe…(cancel that, too.)

From this practice session and other practice session during this course, I become to strongly believe that as long as we are human beings, all of us, without any exceptions, have the ability to manifest whatever in your subconscious into “ reality”.

Let us reflect upon some common phrases we use in our everyday life.   My life or my job is boring.  My wish won’t come true. Life is not fair.  I have already done enough in my life so I don’t deserve any more.  I don’t have the potential to succeed.

Please be careful, however. The phrase, “I don’t have the potential to succeed”, sounds ‘mature’ and ‘considerate” (especially in Japan) so that it may sounded like protecting people from becoming too self -absorbed and self-righteous.  We, as a general public, consider this, as “good” or “appropriate”.

If you believe you don’t have the potential to succeed, and you deny the fact that you have abilities to manifest, where should this manifestation ability go? It’s going to be an incomplete combustion, creating smoky and heavy unwanted energy as a by-product.  Or else, it’s going to  become a big failure.  Both scenarios are scary, therefore we put a stopper for ourselves to move further forwards.  “ I don’t have a confidence.” No one does, especially when your subconscious ‘knows’ that you are going to get a smoky and heavy unwanted energy or to fail badly, as a consequence.

Some of you may say, “I have a real experience when I failed.  Therefore I don’t want to do it again.”  Why have you decided that you are going to fail again? And again? and Again?  This is because your subconscious, which deals with 95% of your consciousness believes that you are going to fail again.  If, however, this is just a belief that you made, and all you have to do is to rewrite it and heal the trauma that had caused in the past.

How could it even be possible?   If you think like this, just let you know that this is also a belief that you created, which is very strong and convincing.

“Why do I have to do dig into my core belief?  It just sounds like a pain, doesn’t it? “

This is a good question.  (Actually, this is NOT a question, but instead an excuse for you to avoid look inside of yourself, haha.)

The point is, by doing nothing (using the excuses above), your subconscious keeps status quo, a situation you may not necessarily like it but at least is familiar, therefore ‘safe’. The problem is that, if you are not utilising your ability to manifest, this energy loses the destination, purpose.  As a result, you may not be able to obtain satisfaction for whatever you do or whatever you have (because you are not intending your manifestation energy into what you truly desire).   

Or, you may mistakenly send your energy towards the opposite direction of what you truly desire.  For example, you think you are hoping sincerely that you would like to obtain a partner that you can feel comfortable with.  But, if your subconscious believes that you won’t be able to relax with anyone, that it’s most likely that you won’t be able to meet a partner, or even if you do, they could be someone you cannot relax with.  By realising and completing this pattern in your life, and rewriting your subconscious into more desirable one, is Theta Healing, so that now you can utilise your ability to manifest towards the outcome you truly desire.  This is a same for curing any disease.   Anything is possible!

This process of digging into the core belief and heal it, will be conducted by the Theta Healer, in a cool and steady manner.

No matter how big the problem looks, without drowning in the drama of what happened in life, if you feel your emotions with care and dig into our beliefs, you will be able to find the core belief of that particular problem. By healing it, releasing the trauma and stress associated with it, anyone can be healed and regain the energy that you have been given away.  I cannot describe this process other than simply a miracle.

And miracles happen everyday, every minute of our life, just around our lives.  Allow yourself to see it and make it happen to you everyday.

Published by Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Coaching, Theta Healing Practitioner (IA & D&D) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist. English and Japanese language instructor. Creative writer, obsessive reader, passionate gardener and magical crystal lover!

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