Why we see our past lives. Part 2

Another friend of mine in the Theta Healing circle mentioned something even more inspiring about my past life experience.

“You’ve learned what it feels like to be at the mercy of others in that past life.  At the same time, you have also given them (those who looked after me) an opportunity to show mercy to you”.

This was another realisation for me.  This leaded me to think that there is no-one on Earth who doesn’t have value.  Even when you become severely disabled and need constant care of others just for surviving, you have an important role in that story of your life.  It is about each individual who has a different role from each other but we are all together to play our own part to contribute to this stage of life.

Not feeling value in themselves is very common among people.  Many of my clients have this belief and it hinders them from achieving what they want in life.

Not being able to accepting your part in this life hinders you from achieving something you desire.  But why?  Because this involves your emotions. 

And your mind stops you from feeling emotions.  Because, however important it is,  accepting your emotions is a big task; energy-exhausting work per se (could this be my belief?  It could be.)  Your mind stops you from feeling emotions so that it thinks that you don’t have to feel pain anymore, and saying,  “ It is what it is, so you don’t need to be emotional about it.  Just accept and forget it.”

In fact, most of us don’t know how to accept our own emotions.  Or we think we know how to do it but very vaguely, and it still makes us uneasy…

In Theta Healing, this is why we ‘download’ particular feeling, such as  ‘what it feels like to receive unconditional love’ (because most of us have no idea what it feels).   And,  it is imperative for us, Theta Healers (and healers in general) to work on ourselves profoundly on those feelings before having a session with a client.  Otherwise, the feeling will be left out again, and again, and again….

Apparently, we are born to the Earth in order to feel various emotions and learn from them.

Therefore, it is not about whether being emotional is good or bad.  It is about feeling those emotions that arises during our everyday life on the Earth.  Even when that emotion is, for example, ‘sorrow’.

You feel a particular emotion, accept it, resolve it in your heart and mind, and then heal it.

It is not about whether an emotion is necessary or not.  We need to feel our emotions, accept them, resolve them and heal them.  I have realised this is what I was looking for on dealing with our emotions.

And by doing this, we complete learning our lesson in our lives so that we can move ahead.

This time, I was able to do these steps of healing by accessing my past life.  I experienced a profound and deep healing through it.  I now strongly believe that I can make a big leap forward.  I want to fly!

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