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I have been blessed with the opportunities to receive and learn Tibetan Singing Bowl healing recently.

Last year, I wanted to learn Crystal Bowl healing so badly. It never happened, however.   Instead, This Tibetan Singing Bowl came to my life rather unexpectedly.

At the end of the last year, a friend mine played her singing bowl via zoom. She started to play her singing bowl casually, first. Then the bowl got louder and louder.  The sound of her singing bowl was truly amazing – totally beautiful and very etheric.

“ Wow, I didn’t know you practice Tibetan Singing Bowl, too.”

My friend gave me a knowing smile.  I asked,

“Where did you get the bowl?  It looked very old.”

She nodded, and said it was from New town – one of the funky place in Sydney.

“It is from a monastery in Nepal.  This is at least 50 years old, apparently.”

I was fell in love with it by this.  I wanted more information

 “Since when have you been playing that?”

I know she practices a few healing modalities, but this singing bowl was totally new to me.

“I got this bowl Last week!  Would you like to do that with me, too?”

I could only say YES to that!

Since then, we have been on the journey of Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowl.

In this article, I would like to share my personal experience in sound healing of Tibetan Singing Bowl and workshop we participated and about my ‘bowl’ and my own everyday practice.

For a start, I would like to talk about my sound healing experiences.  I have received 3 healing sessions so far.

First time I received the healing, it was for Chakra Cleansing.

I kind of knew it was important to energise and activate your chakra to experience full life, but I didn’t feel I needed to do something about it for myself particularly.

Photo by Magicbowls on Pexels.com

Small bell sound opened the session.  There were 10-12 bowls around the therapy table where I laid down.  The therapist started to play the largest bowl, located above my head, very gently.  The sound was very deep.  It felt like the sound penetrated into my brain boldly.  It was not noisy, yet I felt like that particular sound stirred my brain a lot.  Then he changed to the next bowl, then the next. 

When the therapist played a bowl above my heart, strong sensation penetrated into my heart. Nothing touched my heart, but it was substantial.  It was amazing sensation.  Even though I am learning an energetic healing technique, called Theta Healing, I never felt physical sensation during the healing session or practice. But this was completely different.  Strong, deep and profound (I wish I know more about describing words for this experience!!!)

As if my heart is going to break open!  I felt a bit scared, but decided to trust this process to let my heart open during this session.

When the session completed, he brought up one particular bowl. 

“This was the one resonated you most.”

I replied indirectly, saying,

“ You know, I felt strong vibration in my heart.  It was so strong that I feared it could break my heart!  What was it?”

“ I know.  This bowl has the note F, the heart.  This bowl has very sensitive sound and vibration, just like yourself.”

Since no one had described me as ‘sensitive’ before, I was a bit taken a back.   But, then, I soon realised that my heart appreciated the comment very much.  Then I could take the comment gracefully.  In fact, the comment grew on me and I started to see myself with sensitive soul so that I should look after myself more gently.

 I bought this bowl straight away.

Tibetan Singing Bowl with flowers and Shiba Inu in the garden.

On the train back home, I was feeling absolute peace of mind and fully contented, with my own singing bowl on my lap.  I felt I no longer desire anything , as I felt that I have EVERYTHING I truly need in my life now. 

Who needs more than your own singing bowl?  It is perfect for carrying it around, including when you are commuting to Sydney on the train.  The mallet can put in to the bowl, along with the mobile phone and your purse.  You can perhaps ask your favourite café barista to pour your almond latte into the bowl (extra-large size, I guess).  Probably you can also negotiate your favourite noodle shop to make special arrangement for you to be able to take their noodles in the bowl.

During this train ride back to home, while I was contemplating many uses and possibilities of this singing bowl  (other than healing purposes), I even thought that I could easily win a lotto, A$5,000 very easily, for example, as I have felt complete peace and contentment in my life.  (But I didn’t buy any on that time as the newsagent where I live closed when I got out of the train).  So this was what it felt like if your chakra was all aligned as it should be.  Absolute peace of mind and contentment.  This was amazing!!!

Since that day, I cannot help but carry this bowl everywhere I go, such as the study table, the bath, the commuting train to Sydney, my walk to the beach, and the bedside table.

The second time I received the healing, it was for grounding.  I felt less excited (unlike the first time) but felt contented and confident.  It was another profound experience.  Not only I felt grounded deeper into the Earth and this world, but also, I felt as if all the negative energy around me was completely gone and felt more focused.

The third healing session was yet another amazing experience, perhaps most memorable so far. This is because I have been able to experience, something like, “recurrence in the womb”.

When the first sound of the big bowl came out, all of the sudden, I felt like crying badly from inside.  The sound was so familiar.  I wanted to go back ‘there’ so badly.  WHERE?  It was in the Universe.  I was completely visualizing the universe as I hear the sound.  And at the same time, it could be much closer, say, in my mother’s womb!  And the time of the session went past especially quickly on that day.

I believe everyone’s experience may naturally varies.  Since I have no expectation for the sound healing session (apart from hearing the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowl), I allowed myself to be open to various experiences.

We also started to learn about the sound healing.

Firstly, we were told that it was essential to learn about five elements and parts of the body that resonates with the singing bowl.

So far, we did three – Earth, Water and Fire.

Earth element resonates our first chakra.  It is about grounding in the Earth and it is very important.

When I practiced this at home, I found that the bowl was a bit hesitant to make a sound or vibration.  I continued the practice while I was observing what’s happening in my life.  As my first chakra relaxed, the bowl seemed getting easier to make a sound and vibrating more.

Water element resonates our sacral chakra.  It is deeply connected with the organs in our body, such as liver and kidney.  Both organs are important to our emotions.  Clearing blockages in the organs and keeping them healthy is very important for our emotions, as we tend to supress raw emotions in our organs and leave it there.  Each organs are strongly connected to the particular emotions, for example, liver with anger, kidney with irritation. 

Fire element resonates our solar plexus. Solar plexus collects our emotions, mostly negative and heavy emotions.  We learnt to image fire inside us in solar plexus so we can recover and regain energy to take actions in our life.

This week, we will be learning about Air element and the third eye.

Reflecting what I have been guided thorough, it was truly amazing that I have been getting into this Tibetan Singing Bowl now.

There are many special features about my singing bowl. 

The first one is the sound it makes.  The sound is rather subdued, meaning, it does not make any loud and showy sound that may attract people’s attention at first.  I could not record the sound of my bowl nor it reached the other end of the zoom meeting…. It, however, vibrates very deeply and reaches your heart. It also depends on the day as well – sometimes I can make much open sound and the other times I can only make very low, subdued sound.  I learned that it resonates with the state of my mind or how I should be feeling it, so I go with the flow.  As I am devoted to carry it and practice everywhere, I started to tell the different sound and mood of the bowl of that day. 

This Tibetan Singing Bowls became such a beautiful and solid friend for me!!!  I now strongly believe EVERYONE on the planet should have one for themselves!  As this bowl connects you with the Earth deeper and stronger, that which we need.

Tibetan Singing Bowl
My Tibetan Singing. Bowl on the rock on the beach.

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