On Grounding

The Era of the Air element has started.

From now on, humanity will seek and look into something ‘ in the air’, such as communication and information, more than before.  People will feel the strong need in fully pursuing their own dreams, leaving the traditional consciousness of what should they become and do within the community, social system, work place, etc.

This is why we need to release un-serving old belief systems within us as soon as possible.

We have been creating many belief system during our lives.  They had been useful in some way or the other to our lives according to our perspective.  It was very earthy and can be ‘heavy’, such as the belief that we should look after our parents till the end of the lives at home.  These beliefs should be returned to Earth.

Can the Earth take it from us?

Most of us still underestimate our connection with Mother Earth.  We don’t fully understand or realised that we have been accepted, and given EVERYTHING we need to survive and thrive on this planet since birth till the end of our lives.

The Earth is our Mother.  Not just mother figure, but almost as same as biological mother, as all of us (all the creature on Earth) were born on the Earth.  For many countless years, she has been accepting us and what we do, even if that causes her physical pain, such as sucking up fossil fuels and minerals from the bottom of the ocean and the earth, burn those fuels for their own liking, causing the temperature rise of the whole planet and losing her capacity to nurture life on Earth day by day.

I have been conducting a meditation practice, called ‘Family Ritual’ preparation. This is to release trauma and associated sadness and emotional pain of my ancestors from me.

Firstly, you will find a tree that will help you this ritual, then ask permission to the tree then sit underneath.

Now you start imaging that ; you become at one with the tree above you, then sending imagining roots from your first chakra to the Earth, deep down and far wide.  Smell the dirt, feel the pebbles in the Earth, find water underneath, then going down down down and far.

While keeping this image, you now focus on your mother and her side of the family.  Start from your mother, connecting her energetically and telling her and the Universe that you are releasing the trauma and emotional pains you have carried from your mother, knowing that Mother Earth will take and heal them completely.  You move your focus to her parents and their parents, etc.  Once you finish your mother’s family three generation from you, you come back to your-self and breathe deeply to settle. Then you start your father’s side.

This is a wonderful experience. However, when I started this releasing meditation practice, I felt bad about releasing traumas and emotional pains from my ancestors to the Earth, because they are heavy.  Instead, I had accumulated their traumas and emotional pains inside of me and that caused physical and emotional difficulties in me.  It was very had and I wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing this for my ancestors…

Then I have realised that that was not the purpose of this ritual after I had a good talk with my mentor of this ritual. He reminded me that we, human beings, integrate the energy of the Universe and the Earth within us, then create realities we wish (or believe) . We are indeed a powerful manifestation agent.  If we accumulate outdated and un-serving heavy beliefs that had been carried over from our ancestors, we cannot open ourselves into the new opportunities and the new world, the new era.  We need to clear ourselves completely.  We need to release un-serving beliefs that are not ours, in order for us to create what truly we desire, free from someone else’s expectation and wishes in old days. You have already experienced those emotions, whether it’s your own or ancestors or others.  Now you need to process them without any attachment and release.

Mother Earth is fully capable of receiving our emotional waste and transform it to the energy of healing and unconditional love for us.  This is the role of Mother Earth.  And by doing this, Mother Earth also contribute to the Universe, circulating the energy of unconditional love via us humans to the Universe.  The Universe is healed then generate more energy for us and the Earth (and other planets and beings) so that we can continue to create. 

Through this Family Ritual preparation meditation practice, I was asked to obtain ultimate trust in Mother Earth as a supporter, provider and healer for me and my ancestors.  I had to amend my underestimation toward the Earth.

Then, I naturally started to feel profound gratitude towards the Mother Earth that I have been given this life here on the earth.

I order to reconnect with the Earth, I started to desire that;

  • I would like to follow animals, plants and minerals that are the gift from the Earth so that I will be able to smell and feel them (my environment) at more physical level and receive its gift.
  • I would like to become a part of the root of a tree that goes into the Earth deeper and widespread.  By doing this, I allow myself releasing emotional pain and heaviness to the Earth.
  • I would like to cling on the Earth, like a newborn baby to the mother.

By doing these, I want to bring back the feeling of absolute security, assurance, and being loved unconditionally that I had when I was a baby.  Those are the feelings we need in order to create what our soul truly want to create to this third dimension we live.

And in order to do this, we need to know more about ourselves, our physical body and who to utilise the energy we use.

I will be introducing thoughts on Chakras (energy centres in our body) in order for us to have more understanding of our physical body on the Earth.  I will be writing this from the perspective of Purification of energy and expanding our potential utilising Tibetan Singing Bowl.

March 2021 Special!

I invite 5 monitors for my session, focusing on connecting our own physical body and sending roots and ground your energy deeply into the Earth.

 Firstly I will conduct self-reflecting practice of K Byron’s ‘Work’ and Theta Healing methods to find the core issues in your life and the pattern of the subconsciousness then clear them in a gentle and loving, yet profound way. 

To conclude the session, your chakra will be cleansed with my Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Usual price A$120 for 1hour session, will be the half price (A$60) as a reader of this blog article.  You are asked to provide your feedback for the session.  Paypal payment only.

If interested, send an e-mail on hasekannon27@gmail.com.  Your e-mail should include;

  • your name
  • your country of origin and residence
  • your contact e-mail
  • Wishing date and time of your session (March or April 2021 only)
  • What you would like to consult with me in simple terms.

Thank you!


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