On Grounding – Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing perspective

With the blessing from the Cosmic energy, such as sun light, we are able to exist on the Earth.

This dimension, the third dimensional world consists of humans, animals and existence of various vibrations, low and high. 

The amazing fact is that the Earth accommodates all of us as what we are, nurtures us, and allow ourselves to do whatever we chose to do on her.

Is there any existence that is generous for us?   Is there any existence that loves us so much?

How conscious are we about our Mother Earth, accommodating us, allowing us do whatever we want?  Aren’t we exhausting ourselves by looking up into the sky or the Universe in the hope of getting some inspiration, sense of security or healing? Aren’t we forgetting to spread our roots far and wide and deep into the ground?

Now spreading roots into the ground is very important for us.  This is called grounding.  It is very important that we send our consciousness into the core of the Earth through our legs.  More importantly, however, it is important for us to feel the ground directly through your soles, grow tiny hair like roots and grab the earth, then going down deep inside the Earth.

By doing this, the first chakra (Root chakra) will be cleansed.  If the first chakra is not clean, you will get money related troubles, or your income won’t be that impressive, or the relationship among family or friends may occur.  Therefore it is important to cleanse the first chakra, before energising it.  By sending roots into the ground, being held by the Earth firmly, you can request to purify and heal you, the Earth will take out the heavy energy of the first chakra, hence cleansing it.

By doing this, you will bring back the feeling of absolute peace and trust to the world around you, when you are a fetus in your mother’s womb, where everything you needed was provided unconditionally.  This feeling is the key to manifest what you want to create in your life.

In the Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing, the first chakra needs to be cleansed to start with.  If the first chakra not cleansed, you cannot be grounded on Earth properly.  If you cannot be grounded properly, your heart chakra nor throat chakra cannot be opened, nor you cannot utilise the higher dimensional energy that you are receiving through the third eye.  You cannot properly play your role as a human being, in short.  What is our role as a human being?  It is to become a channel between the Universe and the Earth and by receiving the energy from them, create the life we want.  If our chakras are not properly functioned, energy from the Universe and the Earth won’t be circulated properly, causing energy blockages.

Sending the roots to the Earth Meditation:  the First chakra cleanse and energise

  1. Decide where and how to sit. You may cross your legs on the floor, or sit on the chair. Feel the floor completely.
  • Breathe deeply 2,3 times. Focus on your chest.
  • Imagine you become a tree. You may look at a picture of a tree to help visualizing yourself.  Send intention that you are going to be that tree you are looking at in the picture.
  • Send imaginative roots from your first chakra on the ground.  Firstly, visualize tiny hair-like roots clinging on pebbles on the ground.  Then send bigger roots on to the ground, going deeper and deeper, slowly.  You will notice even bigger roots are formed and send itself into deeper and deeper. Continue until your roots go far and wide, your place, entire house, entire town, entire country, entire region and all over the Earth.
  • Then send heavy and negative energies in you through the roots to the Earth.  Ask the Earth to take these energies you no longer need from you.  The Earth will take them away and purify them straight away.  You are going to be light again. The lighter you get, the more the Earth will be able to support you as she will get more energy from the Universe.  So ask her to get rid of all of your toxins in your mind and body.  Continue this process for 5-10 minutes or until you feel you get rid of all the heavy and negative feelings are gone.
  • Thank the Earth from your heart, then bring back your consciousness on to your heart. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Earth coming into your body through the legs.
  • Breathe deeply and open your eyes slowly, when you are ready.

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