The Second Chakra and Water Element

The Second Chakra (also called Root Chakra) is located at your Sacrum and/or Womb.

In Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practice, this Second Chakra belongs to Water Element. 

Water governs emotions. 

Negative emotions are said to accumulate in our organs. 

For example, the liver accumulates anger, and the kidney, frustration, the spleen, fear.

Water element also govern the flow within our body,

the blood streams and lymphatic system.

They are both vital to keep ourselves alive. 

If they become stagnant, the blood cannot send nutrients to the body,

and lymphatic vessels cannot take out waste products from our organs.  

This will cause various disorders and diseases on our body.

There are various ways to clear stagnancy in your water elements.

 In Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing,

following practice can be done.

 First, you can put a small amount of water in your bowl

then play it with the intention of releasing negative emotions into the water. 

Second, you imagine all the water(and fluid, like blood) is flowing smoothly

as if very clear water flowing in the mountain. 

Then you send your consciousness to the sound and vibration of the bowl. 

Allow these to help smoothing the energy flow of the body.

Here is the simple meditation

to help you clear stagnancy in your water element in the body.

Firstly, become aware of the flow of fluid in your body.  

Blood from your heart, vein that is stagnant in your legs, etc.

Then send your intention to make the flow

into the best and highest pace for your present time.

Next, feel your organs,

such as heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidney, womb, etc.

one by one. 

Feel, and if possible, identify the various and heavy emotions

that is accumulated in those organs,

then release those emotions into your lymphatic system

then excreted from your body.

 Now you are free of heavy and negative emotions!

You may need some practice in imaging. 

Instead of worrying about details in your body,

try sending your loving and nurturing consciousness to each part of your body

as if you are talking to them. 

Every person is different

in feeling and imaging the parts of the body and releasing emotions. 

Try these and find the most comfortable ways

to reach your body parts and emotions in them,

as if you are talking to them. 

Your body will respond with grace for sure!

The connection between your conscious and your body

is very important,

as well as the connection

between your consciousness and the Earth.

A simple but effective meditation practice like this helps me for many areas of my life.

I started become more confident, focused and energised toward my goals.

And I have realised what I can offer to my family, friends, people around me and to the world –

gentle yet profound method in healing trauma and stress in life, and

innovative and effective coaching practice

for people who would like to see change

in their life, career, relationships and wellbeing.

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