Release with Ease

The Forth Chakra and Air Element.

We breathe in and out continuously

to take oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. 

The blood distributes oxygen and nutrients into various parts of our body

and collects waste products, like carbon dioxide from the body. 

If we stop breathing, we won’t last 15 minutes.

The Heart chakra,

which contains heart and lungs as organs,

is an important energy centre of the body. 

Because of its importance, we like to overprotect it.

For example,

my heart chakra had been closed very tightly

so that I could not even see it

during the Theta Healing’s Intuitive Anatomy Class I attended last year.

During this Class,

we learned the technique of body scanning. 

It allows the practitioner to scan

the client’s body intuitively with their consent. 

We practiced the body scanning everyday. 

Initially, all of us were very nervous about it

but soon we started to feel relaxed and become confident enough

to give each other feedback. 

I realised that I wasn’t seeing the heart during the body scan in the second week. 

Firstly, I thought

I couldn’t visualise the heart of the other person,

because “I was not good at doing that, yet.”  

Then I realised that I was the one

putting the tight lid on my heart, and

that stepped me from seeing people’s heart, too.

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My heart had been closed tightly

to the point that I

hadn’t been able to recognise what was happening. 

How long has it been closed this way? 

I haven’t been able to feel anything deeply in my heart,

especially when I was in pain emotionally.

How could I re-open my heart that was closed so tightly?

Or, rather,

was there any need to open the heart again?

Consider why it was closed in the first place–

because of trauma? 

A heavy emotional stress?  I

f so, why regurgitate them,

making me so powerless and sick,

again and again?

I have been thinking about this for a long time.

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Why do we need to open our heart?

Because, this is our role on Earth in this life. 

This is the reason why we were born here, on Earth. 

To breathe the air and ether and energy

of the universe and the earth into our body

so that we become vitalised and

are able to create something beautiful and unique to offer to the world.

We are here to create something beautiful and unique for the world. 

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In order for this to happen,

we need to take in the energy of the universe

from crown chakra and the energy of the earth from the root chakra. 

The heart chakra is located

where these two energies meet in our body. 

Therefore, this is so important for our soul

to keep the heart chakra cleansed and vitalised.

At the same time,

our role of channelling the energies is also vital to the universe and the earth. 

Through us,

the universe sends its energy to the earth, and vice versa.

The universe gives us inspiration. 

The earth kindly receives our waste products (like emotional garbage)

and purifies them. 

The Universe and the Earth and Us,

we are dependent on each other. 

We are the Heart of All That Is.

If your heart is closed

because of the trauma and the stress from this life,

it cannot be forced to open.

There is a small but vital essence of you,

called an Inner Child,

who has been hiding behind the closed door of your heart,

and needs to be healed, comforted, and released from that space.

Today, I am going to introduce the meditation technique

that help to release your Inner Child from your closed heart

so that eventually your heart will be opened

with ease and grace.

Create a space in your heart

where your Inner Child will be able to relax and feel absolutely comfortable.

Make your Inner Child feel absolutely comfortable and safe,

by telling them that they are okay and safe,

very gently and sincerely. 

If possible, imagine you are holding them in your arms very gently

so that they can feel absolute safety and comfort.

When they are settled,

ask them very gently and without forcing them,

if you can take them to the space that you created in your heart

– where they will be safe, comfortable, nurtured

and looked after as much as they want.

If your inner child is not willing to do that right now,

please be patient.

If necessary,

wait until they are completely ready while you are holding them. 

Being able to see and talk to them are significant achievement itself.

Complete your meditation here for the day

and come back tomorrow.

If you can bring your inner child to your heart space that you created,


observe how your inner child is feeling and acting. 

If it’s appropriate,

ask them what they would like to do gently. 

If they would like to sleep, let them. 

If they would like to play, let them. 

If they are hungry, feed them what they would like to eat. 

You can provide what they want with your imagination

with ease and grace. 

You can heal your Inner Child and

make them happy, innocent and full of joy by yourself.

Now feel your heart and lungs are finally coming back to life. 

Feel your lungs as they fill up with the air you are breathing.

Have a good day today!

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