Knowing what makes you who you are: Throat Chakra and Aether


In order for us to remember

what exactly we would like to do in this life,

it is essential to know and recognise

what role are we playing.

The situation you are in may rather be boring or hard.

 Can you see

what role exactly you are playing

in this universe right now?  

Away from the 3-dimensional perspective of

“being useful/not useful”,


or “practical / not practical” etc. ?

 In another words,

if you can release your attachment towards

what’s happening to you right now,

you will be able to become aware

what exactly is going on. 

This awareness is very important.

Tiny seeds are sending its shoots from the earth.

Today, I am going to talk about the fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra) and

its element, Aether.

Our throat is located in between our head and our body,

between ‘heaven and earth.’

The fourth chakra, Heart,

has a function to receive message from the heaven;

digest it within our body

before sending it to others and the earth.

The fifth chakra, Throat,

has a role of sending message from the sky. 

It also has the role of

expressing our inner feelings

as a voice to the outside world.

Milky-Way Galaxy

The element of the throat chakra is aether. 

Aether is commonly translated to a gas, celestial body. 

Aristotle expanded four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air)

to include the fifth one, aether.

Aether cannot be seen by the naked eye. 


we can recognise its functions and importance clearly. 

It combines matter to make them work.

Think about our solar system. 

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

(and Pluto – although they took it away from the Solar System…). 

Each planet exists on its own at the same time.  

The Solar System consists of these planets.

Solar System.

Our thoughts functions properly because of aether.  

Someone thinks of a new ideas that may contribute to society,

such as a new education system. 

This person speaks of their ideas to society,

then some will agree with the idea and

would like to pursue the possibilities of it. 


Think about an orchestra. 

Various instruments,

such as a violin, a viola, a cello, an oboe or a clarinet,

are creating their own sounds under a conductor. 

These sounds are somehow being put together

to create one piece of music

and become harmonious.

Here, aether makes each instruments become one body

to create the piece of music.

It is aether that make us exist on earth,

and that makes us feel we are at one with all existence in the universe. 

It is also the aether

that make it possible for us to go back to the Universe.


If our throat chakra is not aligned,

we will lack in the element of aether,

and therefore not be able to function properly as an individual. 

We cannot expand our consciousness

in order to be able to feel at one with all existence in the universe,

and as a consequence,

we start to feel isolated and become anxious.


I will introduce a meditation

that align your throat chakra and helps to take in aether fully.

  • First, feel your own heart firmly.
  • Then, feel the energy from the earth coming up from under your feet.  Make sure you are feeling a firm sense of who you are.
  • Next, feel and receive the energy from the sky.
  • Set an intention that the you who is receiving the energy of the earth, and the you who is receiving the energy from the sky, are connected and combined firmly and harmoniously.
  • Realise that because of this aether, you exist, you are able to communicate with the outside world and send messages, and by doing these, you are playing your role as a messenger (or anything else you want to be).
  • Feel that everything around you is in harmony.  Then complete the meditation.
The peaceful statue of Buddha.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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