The need to be busy all the time?

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I was at AWE!

with this post from Instagram.

I knew it was a bit problematic

That I feel uneasy and unsettled

If I am not busy all the time.


what can I do about it?

Isn’t it just a born character of mine

That needs adjusting along the way?

According to Dr. Sarah Sarkis

(via – Instagram post)

The feeling of

”I need to be busy all the time!”

Is a trauma response


a fear-based distraction.

 Where are these reactions coming from?

These are coming from outside from us.

We were “forced to acknowledge and feel

If we slow down.”

Ok, then!

If they are a reaction of trauma and

distraction from fear,

most of cases,

we are going to do something about them,

aren’t we?

Let’s do it!


Today, I will introduce Theta Healing’s subconscious mind rewriting and downloads.

Firstly, connect with your heart firmly.

Then, receive warm and supportive energies

from the Earth and the Universe.


read following sentences thoroughly and

send intentions, saying in your heart

“Yes, I will receive them.”

I am ready to receive….
  • Now, I give permission to myself to follow the voice of my heart,  my body and my soul.
  • Now, I give permission to myself to create and own the time and space that you can relax and feel safe.
  • Now, I download the feeling of “what it feels like to have time and space where I can truly relax and feel safe” from the creator’s perspective.
  • Now, I download the feeling of “what it feels like to be in a flow of the Universe” from the creator’s perspective.

Have a wonderful day!

Meditation with Buddha.

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