My hands were healed overnight and my job got very positive results.

On top of the mountain.

Testimonial 2.

B.A from Sydney. April 2021

I received a face-to-face Theta Healing Session with Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Cleansing from Tomoko on the weekend. For some reason, I was a bit nervous in the beginning of the session. However, Tomoko made me feel comfortable and the session went well in a gentle and loving way.

In the past 6 months, I had trouble between fingers of my hands. I had been scratching them while I was asleep as they were very itchy. The following morning after the session, I have realised that I wasn’t scratching my hands. My trouble between fingers of my hands, which gave me nightmares and sleepless nights for 6 months has completely gone!

I have also realised that I gained a deep and profound level of confidence when I made a business decision on Monday. After that, I found that the taxation matters that caused me some worries resulted in a very positive outcome, much more than I expected. These events surprised me a lot.

My hands were healed overnight. I also got some very positive outcomes in my work. I believe this is because Tomoko helped me to get rid of my subconscious beliefs that contributed to my hands and my work in undesirable ways.

Thank you very much, Tomoko! I will see you again!

Tomoko’s Coaching and Healing Sessions

Theta Healing Session

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Spiritual coaching 3 session package

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  X3 1-hour consultations A$280 (online via Zoom)

Out-of-session work will also be provided. 

Temperate rainforest, NSW, Australia.

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