How to keep a healthy boundary and distance from people around you.

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If you are feeling stressed

With the people around us easily

You might like to consider

Maybe this is because

you determine by yourself that

Those people around you

Cannot grow

Mentally and spiritually

Along with you.

Things around me are always bugging me like this hone eater…

You may undoubtedly believe that

People around you stopping you

from growing mentally and spiritually

In fact

It is your belief system

About those people

That actually stopping you

From growing mentally and spiritually.

Let us release this belief NOW.

Bring back our trust in

People around us



Meditation allows us to see what’s going on around us and inside your mind.

Here is a meditation practice that create your own space in your own heart

So that you feel safe


Enjoy being with others

Without surrendering your freedom.

Feel the universe whispering you quietly.

1. Firstly concentrate on your heart

and breathe deeply 2-3 times.

2 Send your consciousness to deep into the heart space.

3 Once you feel that

you reached the very stable place in your heart space,

observe the surrounding calmly

and make sure it is safe.

4 Then create your own space

that gives you the comfort

in the highest and the best.

5 Visualise yourself totally

relaxed and refreshed in that space. 

Smell the air in that space.

6 Know that this is your own space

and no one can violate this space nor control. 

Feel deeply

the absolute sense of safety and peace.

7 Realise that

you can create anything you want

in this space.

8 Come back to this heart space of your own

whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed

in order to release, refresh and recharge your soul. 

Well done!

You have created

truly sacred space in your heart

that no one nor nothing can violate. 

You are safe.

Violet lotus in a pond.

Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Caching and Theta Healing Therapist

Servicing people who need profound healing

in their soul mind and body

in order to keep pursuing their true path

in this life on Earth.

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Theta Healing Therapy

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Published by Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Coaching, Theta Healing Practitioner (IA & D&D) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist. English and Japanese language instructor. Creative writer, obsessive reader, passionate gardener and magical crystal lover!

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