Time To Act! The Third Chakra and Fire Element.

Sun in the Universe.

Now that you are fully grounded,

Now that you are facing and embracing your emotions,

Now that you are committed to clearing your emotional baggage,

You are started to feel that

Inspirations are bubbling up from your heart,


your heart is started to open.

Now that you see the glimpse of  new possibilities in the world,

You are to become wanting to pursue them strongly from your heart.

You need to take actions

in order to pursue new possibilities and create a new world.

Jumping with joy in the sun.

The third chakra, the solar plexus, located at between our chest and abdomen.

This chakra is in between the second chakra, which governs womb and sacrum,

and the forth Chakra, which governs the heart and the lung.

The third chakra is associated with the fire element,

and this means it is the source of action!

If the emotions are not processed properly,

 or left unattended

 or concealed,

this third chakra will be blocked.

If the third chakra is blocked,

since this is the energy source of action,

you won’t be able to take action that are needed to change your real life.

If you feel your heart is started to open

but for some reason,

you are having trouble taking any practical actions in your real life,

your third chakra might be blocked.

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There are various reasons for your blockage of the third chakra, such as;

  • Trauma and stress from the past.
  • Trauma and stress from the past live.
  • Belief systems from your parents, ancestors, community or culture

You need to clear those blockages in order to be able to take practical actions in your life.

This is because

the blocked solar plexus prevents the strong energy from your heart to

reach the sacral chakra or the root chakra.

To clear blockage in the third chakra, your solar plexus,

you can try a simple meditation as follows;

  1. Sit comfortably on the floor with cross legs, OR the chair, foot firmly on the floor.
  2. Focus your solar plexus area.  Notice what it feels like, such as ‘blocked’ or ‘flowing’.
  3. Visualise the fire or sun rise.  Imagine this fire or sun is in your solar plexus and it grows bigger and bigger.
  4. Using this fire energy, burn and clear the heavy emotions that blocked your solar plexus.  Feel that the fire become more powerful and it keep burning, therefore clearing your emotions more and more.
  5. If you feel that the fire in your third chakra clears all emotions that blocks your solar plexus, you may close your vision and send gratitude to the fire and the universe.

Have a great week!

Violet lotus in a pond.

Tomoko Shiine

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