Healing your Inner-Child:emotional release and creativity.

Bubbles and hand in the water.

“It may be more sensible and better to deal with what you hate about yourself

 By accepting it and surrendering yourself to it

 Rather than trying to clear it or rewrite subconsciousness that supports it.”

This was the topic of today’s meditation meeting.

It was surprising, yet I knew there was some truth in it.

During the meditation

I watched many emotions and thoughts come and go

Like a bubble in the sea

Sadness, Anxiety, anger, unworthiness, meaninglessness, unfairness, jealousy, a sense of overwhelming…

Then something inside of me changed.

It is one of my biggest belief that “I cannot say what I want to say”

 “I cannot make myself understood well”

Instead of having them as shortcomings,

These beliefs are the genuine proof that

I have been seriously trying to master communication on Earth.

Past memories in this life

Memories of past lives and

from when I  existed somewhere in the universe

There are many patterns that I have repeated countless times

“I cannot say what I want to say”

 “I cannot make myself understood well”

No matter hard I try to clear and release these beliefs

I feel that I cannot clear and release them from me.


When I stopped intending to release them

when I stopped intending to rewrite my subconsciousness

and when I just observed my mind without any intention nor judgement,

such as

“I cannot say what I want to say – oh, I remember one time when …”

“I cannot make myself understood well – oh, I also remember I have repeated similar patterns in my life recently.”

I started to feel that my heart started to release something in it one by one.

I felt relieved, and started to breathe again…I started to feel alive again!

A monkey looking at herself in the mirror.

Our emotions and thoughts come and go

As long as we live on this planet

They are like bubbles in the ocean

That arise and disappear again and again

Buddha said that

In order to release attachment

We should look into the thing that we are attached

And accept that that was a part of us

Anger, unworthiness, jealousy…

Another item that arisen in the Meditation meeting was that

What we call Inner-Child

Need not to be healed immediately, but

We can pay attention to our Inner-child

When it arises.

It is also like bubbles in the ocean.

It comes and goes.

We pay attention to it without any intention nor judgement.

We watch them come and go.

Space ship around the Earth.

Human consciousness (and subconscious) is vast

And Itself is a universe within us.

It is us

Who decide which direction we go

In the vast and never-ending universe

Riding on a spaceship

Watching the shooting stars and meteorites come and go

And sometimes we need to change direction in order to avoid some obstacles

Without no sense of direction as there is not above and under, front and back nor right and left

In the universe.

Where do we want to go?

What do we want to do?

How do you want to get there?

With whom do we want to do something together?

What do we want to feel?

What do we want to obtain?

We can decide all of them by ourselves for ourselves.

In order to be able to make a good judgement

In order to be able to feel confident in our judgement

We are going to notice and heal our Inner-child

Who was badly wounded and has become fearful of moving forward.

Our wounded Inner-child is healed and released.

Now our creative life will begin for us.

That is what our souls have been truly looking for.

The work of Inner-child is not only about deep healing within us

But also about us looking for and living in the creative life

(From Alana Child – Australian Spiritual worker)

Please take a moment to look at your inner self as it is.

You will be surprised how simple it is yet profound in its effects on your heart and soul.

This Inner-child element is also very important in my Theta Healing Practice

And the insight I obtained in today’s meditation meeting has broadened my approach in my practice.

Please try my Theta Healing session!

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