Theta Healing Holiday Special!

Are you looking for a rewarding and truly meaningful gift to your loved ones OR yourself?  Check out Tomoko's Healing Space Theta Healing Holiday Special!
A bunch of roses from my garden!

The holiday seasons are now approaching and you and your loved ones deserve a deeply satisfactory and meaningful gift this festive season!

Would you like to….

-embrace a loving relationship?

-free yourself from fear and anxiety of all kinds?

– save and heal your inner child?

-access and complete lessons from your past lives?

-manifest what you truly want in your life now?

– achieve and maintain your health and wellness?

and much more!

Tomoko’s Healing Space is now offering Holiday Special! – 20% discount ($100 will be $80) Online Theta Healing Session (60 min.)  (From Nov 2021 till the end of Jan 2022.)

This is a great gift idea for your loved ones and yourself for this coming holiday season!

Published by Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Coaching, Theta Healing Practitioner (IA & D&D) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist. English and Japanese language instructor. Creative writer, obsessive reader, passionate gardener and magical crystal lover!

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