Connecting with your true self by Theta Healing (and beyond….)

Sublime Pint lookout, NSW, Australia

January 2022 Special Focus -Finding your own voice with the Ocean!

Connect your-self deeply and stand firmly on it.

Now is the time to come back to your senses and reality, by firmly standing your own feet on the ground.

Tomoko’s Healing Space offers Theta Healing Session January 2022 Special – Connect with your own voice through the Ocean!

Ocean cleanse our body, mind and spirit and soul in a way so that we can re-connect ourselves at deeper level. By connecting ourselves deeply, we can stand firmly on the ground and become more assertive and productive for various life challenges.

Tomoko will guide you to reach your own voice and higher perspective on the issue or life situation you are facing with considerate and compassionate approach using Theta Healing Technique.

You will find resourcefulness and potential in yourself and others surrounding you right now and the past, then find the best approach you can take to manifest what you truly wish and improve the current situation significantly.

Through Theta Healing Meditation, Tomoko will guide you to connect with the Ocean and ask its cleansing you at Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Level. Please contact Tomoko for booking / inquiry TODAY!

Published by Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Coaching, Theta Healing Practitioner (IA & D&D) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist. English and Japanese language instructor. Creative writer, obsessive reader, passionate gardener and magical crystal lover!

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