Awaken the magic within yourself! May 2022 Special!

Temperate rainforest, Austinmir, NSW Australia
Temperate rainforest, Austinmir, NSW, Australia

Awaken the magic within yourself!

  • Wanting to visit somewhere in the wilderness?
  • Being drawn to pieces of nature, such as crystals, herbs and plants, trees and flowers?
  • Longing to become free and without a worry?
  • Starting to realise that you are much more than you think?

If so, you will need to do the following;

  1. Reawaken your tamed and tired self in nature.
  2. Lean to communicate with nature spirits.
  3. Release and heal your tamed self and become free and empowered!
  4. Acknowledge your infinite potential and clear limitations that you thought it was there on you.

After Tomoko’s energy healing session, you will;

  •  be rejuvenated and recharged so that you will be able to concentrate on yourself and loved ones in positive and constructive ways so that you can improve yourself.
  • You will become able to receive advice and protection from spirit guides as you become more receptive of their energy so that you can stay vibrant in your everyday life!
  • You will become more confident at work, and as a result you will be able to build strong relationships with your colleagues. 
  • You will start to see infinite opportunities around you. By looking at your limiting beliefs about yourself and acknowledging it with respect, you can clear unhelpful beliefs about yourself. 

Tomoko’s Healing Space – Energy and Sound Healing for Earth and the Universe-minded souls!

60 min session – Energy Healing (Theta Healing)  – $120

90 min session – Energy Healing (Theta Healing) – $150

The session includes;

  • Body scan – to identify the energy blocks in your body.
  • Psychic readings – to identify entity within yourself.
  • Guiding your consciousness to realise your key issues in order to find paths to healing.
  • Clearing limited beliefs – you can direct your energy to exactly what you wish to manifest.
  • Disconnecting from negative group consciousness to make sure  you don’t give up your own energy and keep it to manifest what you truly desire.
  • Downloading positive feelings that raise your vibration which will bring you easier access to your dreams!

With Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Cleansing (10 min.)

Special message from the Crystal angels and Goddess.

Cocntact Tomoko Today!

E Mail: hasekannon27@gmail.com

For Booking Tomoko’s Session: Soul Advisor Site

instagram: tomokoshiine

facebook: tomoko.shiine

Connecting with your true self by Theta Healing (and beyond….)

Sublime Pint lookout, NSW, Australia

January 2022 Special Focus -Finding your own voice with the Ocean!

Connect your-self deeply and stand firmly on it.

Now is the time to come back to your senses and reality, by firmly standing your own feet on the ground.

Tomoko’s Healing Space offers Theta Healing Session January 2022 Special – Connect with your own voice through the Ocean!

Ocean cleanse our body, mind and spirit and soul in a way so that we can re-connect ourselves at deeper level. By connecting ourselves deeply, we can stand firmly on the ground and become more assertive and productive for various life challenges.

Tomoko will guide you to reach your own voice and higher perspective on the issue or life situation you are facing with considerate and compassionate approach using Theta Healing Technique.

You will find resourcefulness and potential in yourself and others surrounding you right now and the past, then find the best approach you can take to manifest what you truly wish and improve the current situation significantly.

Through Theta Healing Meditation, Tomoko will guide you to connect with the Ocean and ask its cleansing you at Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Level. Please contact Tomoko for booking / inquiry TODAY!

Theta Healing Holiday Special!

Are you looking for a rewarding and truly meaningful gift to your loved ones OR yourself?  Check out Tomoko's Healing Space Theta Healing Holiday Special!
A bunch of roses from my garden!

The holiday seasons are now approaching and you and your loved ones deserve a deeply satisfactory and meaningful gift this festive season!

Would you like to….

-embrace a loving relationship?

-free yourself from fear and anxiety of all kinds?

– save and heal your inner child?

-access and complete lessons from your past lives?

-manifest what you truly want in your life now?

– achieve and maintain your health and wellness?

and much more!

Tomoko’s Healing Space is now offering Holiday Special! – 20% discount ($100 will be $80) Online Theta Healing Session (60 min.)  (From Nov 2021 till the end of Jan 2022.)

This is a great gift idea for your loved ones and yourself for this coming holiday season!

Healing your Inner-Child:emotional release and creativity.

Bubbles and hand in the water.

“It may be more sensible and better to deal with what you hate about yourself

 By accepting it and surrendering yourself to it

 Rather than trying to clear it or rewrite subconsciousness that supports it.”

This was the topic of today’s meditation meeting.

It was surprising, yet I knew there was some truth in it.

During the meditation

I watched many emotions and thoughts come and go

Like a bubble in the sea

Sadness, Anxiety, anger, unworthiness, meaninglessness, unfairness, jealousy, a sense of overwhelming…

Then something inside of me changed.

It is one of my biggest belief that “I cannot say what I want to say”

 “I cannot make myself understood well”

Instead of having them as shortcomings,

These beliefs are the genuine proof that

I have been seriously trying to master communication on Earth.

Past memories in this life

Memories of past lives and

from when I  existed somewhere in the universe

There are many patterns that I have repeated countless times

“I cannot say what I want to say”

 “I cannot make myself understood well”

No matter hard I try to clear and release these beliefs

I feel that I cannot clear and release them from me.


When I stopped intending to release them

when I stopped intending to rewrite my subconsciousness

and when I just observed my mind without any intention nor judgement,

such as

“I cannot say what I want to say – oh, I remember one time when …”

“I cannot make myself understood well – oh, I also remember I have repeated similar patterns in my life recently.”

I started to feel that my heart started to release something in it one by one.

I felt relieved, and started to breathe again…I started to feel alive again!

A monkey looking at herself in the mirror.

Our emotions and thoughts come and go

As long as we live on this planet

They are like bubbles in the ocean

That arise and disappear again and again

Buddha said that

In order to release attachment

We should look into the thing that we are attached

And accept that that was a part of us

Anger, unworthiness, jealousy…

Another item that arisen in the Meditation meeting was that

What we call Inner-Child

Need not to be healed immediately, but

We can pay attention to our Inner-child

When it arises.

It is also like bubbles in the ocean.

It comes and goes.

We pay attention to it without any intention nor judgement.

We watch them come and go.

Space ship around the Earth.

Human consciousness (and subconscious) is vast

And Itself is a universe within us.

It is us

Who decide which direction we go

In the vast and never-ending universe

Riding on a spaceship

Watching the shooting stars and meteorites come and go

And sometimes we need to change direction in order to avoid some obstacles

Without no sense of direction as there is not above and under, front and back nor right and left

In the universe.

Where do we want to go?

What do we want to do?

How do you want to get there?

With whom do we want to do something together?

What do we want to feel?

What do we want to obtain?

We can decide all of them by ourselves for ourselves.

In order to be able to make a good judgement

In order to be able to feel confident in our judgement

We are going to notice and heal our Inner-child

Who was badly wounded and has become fearful of moving forward.

Our wounded Inner-child is healed and released.

Now our creative life will begin for us.

That is what our souls have been truly looking for.

The work of Inner-child is not only about deep healing within us

But also about us looking for and living in the creative life

(From Alana Child – Australian Spiritual worker)

Please take a moment to look at your inner self as it is.

You will be surprised how simple it is yet profound in its effects on your heart and soul.

This Inner-child element is also very important in my Theta Healing Practice

And the insight I obtained in today’s meditation meeting has broadened my approach in my practice.

Please try my Theta Healing session!

On Sunday Night…

I realized that

I was feeling very content with myself.

Since it was quite rare for me to feel like this

I was lightly surprised.

What’s going on with me?

I just spread my notes and pens on the table

In order to write something…

What have I done today?

Temperate Rain Forest in NSW, Australia.

I went to the forest and the sea (in fact, both are close to where I live.)

I just finished reading about this wonderful stone called ‘Shungite”.

I made a dinner for my family from my heart.

Finally I just felt settled and

started to write a story I meant to write for a while.

I suddenly felt very sleepy, however.

Oh no, I cannot write anything at all, again…


I was feeling quiet and deep sense of achievement of some sort


this made my heart warm and gentle

concluding my day was very happy today…

Rock on the beach.

Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Caching and Theta Healing Therapist

Session Menu

Servicing people who need profound healing

in their soul mind and body

in order to keep pursuing their true path

in this life on Earth.

Spiritual Coaching

Theta Healing Therapy

Collective Conscious activation methods

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Time To Act! The Third Chakra and Fire Element.

Sun in the Universe.

Now that you are fully grounded,

Now that you are facing and embracing your emotions,

Now that you are committed to clearing your emotional baggage,

You are started to feel that

Inspirations are bubbling up from your heart,


your heart is started to open.

Now that you see the glimpse of  new possibilities in the world,

You are to become wanting to pursue them strongly from your heart.

You need to take actions

in order to pursue new possibilities and create a new world.

Jumping with joy in the sun.

The third chakra, the solar plexus, located at between our chest and abdomen.

This chakra is in between the second chakra, which governs womb and sacrum,

and the forth Chakra, which governs the heart and the lung.

The third chakra is associated with the fire element,

and this means it is the source of action!

If the emotions are not processed properly,

 or left unattended

 or concealed,

this third chakra will be blocked.

If the third chakra is blocked,

since this is the energy source of action,

you won’t be able to take action that are needed to change your real life.

If you feel your heart is started to open

but for some reason,

you are having trouble taking any practical actions in your real life,

your third chakra might be blocked.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are various reasons for your blockage of the third chakra, such as;

  • Trauma and stress from the past.
  • Trauma and stress from the past live.
  • Belief systems from your parents, ancestors, community or culture

You need to clear those blockages in order to be able to take practical actions in your life.

This is because

the blocked solar plexus prevents the strong energy from your heart to

reach the sacral chakra or the root chakra.

To clear blockage in the third chakra, your solar plexus,

you can try a simple meditation as follows;

  1. Sit comfortably on the floor with cross legs, OR the chair, foot firmly on the floor.
  2. Focus your solar plexus area.  Notice what it feels like, such as ‘blocked’ or ‘flowing’.
  3. Visualise the fire or sun rise.  Imagine this fire or sun is in your solar plexus and it grows bigger and bigger.
  4. Using this fire energy, burn and clear the heavy emotions that blocked your solar plexus.  Feel that the fire become more powerful and it keep burning, therefore clearing your emotions more and more.
  5. If you feel that the fire in your third chakra clears all emotions that blocks your solar plexus, you may close your vision and send gratitude to the fire and the universe.

Have a great week!

Violet lotus in a pond.

Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Caching and Theta Healing Therapist

Session Menu

Servicing people who need profound healing

in their soul mind and body

in order to keep pursuing their true path

in this life on Earth.

Spiritual Coaching

Theta Healing Therapy

Collective Conscious activation methods

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

How to keep a healthy boundary and distance from people around you.

White houses looking down the beautiful beach on Australia.

If you are feeling stressed

With the people around us easily

You might like to consider

Maybe this is because

you determine by yourself that

Those people around you

Cannot grow

Mentally and spiritually

Along with you.

Things around me are always bugging me like this hone eater…

You may undoubtedly believe that

People around you stopping you

from growing mentally and spiritually

In fact

It is your belief system

About those people

That actually stopping you

From growing mentally and spiritually.

Let us release this belief NOW.

Bring back our trust in

People around us



Meditation allows us to see what’s going on around us and inside your mind.

Here is a meditation practice that create your own space in your own heart

So that you feel safe


Enjoy being with others

Without surrendering your freedom.

Feel the universe whispering you quietly.

1. Firstly concentrate on your heart

and breathe deeply 2-3 times.

2 Send your consciousness to deep into the heart space.

3 Once you feel that

you reached the very stable place in your heart space,

observe the surrounding calmly

and make sure it is safe.

4 Then create your own space

that gives you the comfort

in the highest and the best.

5 Visualise yourself totally

relaxed and refreshed in that space. 

Smell the air in that space.

6 Know that this is your own space

and no one can violate this space nor control. 

Feel deeply

the absolute sense of safety and peace.

7 Realise that

you can create anything you want

in this space.

8 Come back to this heart space of your own

whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed

in order to release, refresh and recharge your soul. 

Well done!

You have created

truly sacred space in your heart

that no one nor nothing can violate. 

You are safe.

Violet lotus in a pond.

Tomoko Shiine

Spiritual Caching and Theta Healing Therapist

Servicing people who need profound healing

in their soul mind and body

in order to keep pursuing their true path

in this life on Earth.

Spiritual Coaching

Theta Healing Therapy

Collective Conscious activation methods

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Connecting Earth and Universe through you!

Milky way, connecting the universe with the Earth.

May 2021 Special : Connecting with Mother Earth through your body and soul / Theta Healing session

Overview: This session will clear and harmonise the brain, the heart and the second chakra. 

This session facilitates to deepen the connection between you and the earth

while promoting the influx of energy from higher dimensions

in a gentle and loving way.

Ocean at dusk.

We humans exist between the heavens and the earth. 

When the energy is from the heavens, inspirations will be born in us.

We create something concrete from the inspiration,

then new things will be born on this earth. 

If we are not clear within ourselves

mentally, emotionally, and physically,

we cannot receive the energy from the heavens. 

We cannot create something inspirational and bring it to the Earth, either. 

This means the universe cannot circulate its energy and it becomes stagnant.


Is your mind clear?

Open heart!

Is your heart filled with joy?

Clear stream in the forest.

Is your womb flowing like a clear stream?

This session is for you,

if you want to prepare your thoughts, and emotions,

as well as your capacity to receive in order to create the life you truly want.

The session goes as follows.

  1. Observe your inner state using K Byron’s the work / self-reflection technique.
  2. Body scanning – the brain, the heart and the second chakra.
  3. Cancel the thought pattern/beliefs that no longer serve you and rewrite them.
  4. Energy clearing of the heart and lungs.  Inner Child work, if necessary.
  5. Energy clearing of the second chakra.
  6. Conditioning and harmonising the brain, the heart and the second chakra within the body.
  7. Meditation for grounding into the earth.
  8. Clearing of the crown chakra and meditation for receiving the energy from the higher source.

Time: An hour and a half

Session fee: A$ 120 (usual price)   A$60 for Monitoring price

Monitor: 5 people – those who write reviews after the session.

Booking and Inquries: hasekannnon27@gmail.com

Tomoko Shiine Profile

Born and raised in Fukushima, Japan.

BA in International Studies, Bunkyo University, Kanagawa, Japan.

MA in Environmental Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

DipEd in Japanese and ESL, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia.

Taught Japanese at local high schools in Australia for a 15 years.

Started to learn and practice Theta Healing from 2016. 

Became an Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner (Theta Healing) in November 2020, and

a Diseases and Disorders Practitioner (Theta Healing) in February 2021.

Became a Crystal Remote Viewing practitioner in 2016.

Currently taking the Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practitioner course.

Has self-studied Buddhism and Jungian psychology​. 

Has great knowledge in Crystal and plants healing. 

Offering powerful spiritual healing and coaching

to release, heals and ground deeply into the earth

so that you can move forward toward the future you want.

Has lived in Australia for more than 25 years with her family.​

Loves Yoga, gardening, BTS and learning Korean and Chinese.

Website: https://hasekannon27.wixsite.com/my-site-3

Website (ENG): https://euruspiper.com/

FB: Tomoko Shiine

Instagram: tomokoshiine

Soul Advisor registered practitioner: https://www.souladvisor.com/practitioner/tomoko-s-healing-space

IICT member

My hands were healed overnight and my job got very positive results.

On top of the mountain.

Testimonial 2.

B.A from Sydney. April 2021

I received a face-to-face Theta Healing Session with Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Cleansing from Tomoko on the weekend. For some reason, I was a bit nervous in the beginning of the session. However, Tomoko made me feel comfortable and the session went well in a gentle and loving way.

In the past 6 months, I had trouble between fingers of my hands. I had been scratching them while I was asleep as they were very itchy. The following morning after the session, I have realised that I wasn’t scratching my hands. My trouble between fingers of my hands, which gave me nightmares and sleepless nights for 6 months has completely gone!

I have also realised that I gained a deep and profound level of confidence when I made a business decision on Monday. After that, I found that the taxation matters that caused me some worries resulted in a very positive outcome, much more than I expected. These events surprised me a lot.

My hands were healed overnight. I also got some very positive outcomes in my work. I believe this is because Tomoko helped me to get rid of my subconscious beliefs that contributed to my hands and my work in undesirable ways.

Thank you very much, Tomoko! I will see you again!

Tomoko’s Coaching and Healing Sessions

Theta Healing Session

1 hour consultation = AUD$100 (online via Zoom)

Blue sky and the beach, Austinmer, NSW, Australia.

Spiritual coaching 3 session package

– Theta healing, the work by K Byron (self-reflecting work)

  X3 1-hour consultations A$280 (online via Zoom)

Out-of-session work will also be provided. 

Temperate rainforest, NSW, Australia.

For bookings or inquiries,

contact Tomoko on: hasekannon27@gmail.com

Instagram: tomokoshiine

The need to be busy all the time?

Instagram :tinybuddha. om


I was at AWE!

with this post from Instagram.

I knew it was a bit problematic

That I feel uneasy and unsettled

If I am not busy all the time.


what can I do about it?

Isn’t it just a born character of mine

That needs adjusting along the way?

According to Dr. Sarah Sarkis

(via tinybuddha.com – Instagram post)

The feeling of

”I need to be busy all the time!”

Is a trauma response


a fear-based distraction.

 Where are these reactions coming from?

These are coming from outside from us.

We were “forced to acknowledge and feel

If we slow down.”

Ok, then!

If they are a reaction of trauma and

distraction from fear,

most of cases,

we are going to do something about them,

aren’t we?

Let’s do it!


Today, I will introduce Theta Healing’s subconscious mind rewriting and downloads.

Firstly, connect with your heart firmly.

Then, receive warm and supportive energies

from the Earth and the Universe.


read following sentences thoroughly and

send intentions, saying in your heart

“Yes, I will receive them.”

I am ready to receive….
  • Now, I give permission to myself to follow the voice of my heart,  my body and my soul.
  • Now, I give permission to myself to create and own the time and space that you can relax and feel safe.
  • Now, I download the feeling of “what it feels like to have time and space where I can truly relax and feel safe” from the creator’s perspective.
  • Now, I download the feeling of “what it feels like to be in a flow of the Universe” from the creator’s perspective.

Have a wonderful day!

Meditation with Buddha.

Tomoko’s Coaching and Healing Sessions

Theta Healing Session

1 hour consultation/ A$100 Online(ZOOM)

Blue sky and the beach, Austinmir, NSW, Australia.

Spiritual coaching 3 session package

– Theta healing, the work by K Byron (self-reflecting work)

         1-hour consultation X 3 times A$280 Online

Homework will be provided. 

1week interval will be necessarily so that you can prepare for the following session at the deeper level. 

When achieving the deeper level of understanding of the issue, more issues that are related to the original one can be resolved.


Tibetan Singing Bowl by the sea.

Chakra Clearing with Tibetan Singing Bowl

        45 minutes A$45. (Face to face only)   

 There are seven energy centres, called Chakra, in your body.

Each centre has unique functions. 

If these chakras are not aligned, physical and/or mental disorder could occur. 

By aligning all chakras, the body’s various function will be re-activated and sense of content and peace will be obtained.

The frequency of Tibetan Singing Bowl will clear the negative energy in your body and chakra system.

Temperate rainforest, NSW. Australia.

For booking or inquiry,

contact Tomoko on: hasekannon27@gmail.com

Instagram: tomokoshiine