Transmitter Quartz Crystal



You would feel like as if you were in the magnificent gigantic cathedral.  However, it was NOT a cathedral, as its ceiling and walls and every other structure were made out of shiny transparent material like a glass.  Perhaps it was more appropriate to say that the building was like a huge dome.  Its ceiling was very high, as if reaching the sky.  On the central part of its floor, there was a big, mysterious and magical looking pattern painted with bright and thick colours.  An arabesque?   Or flower of life? It was not clear.\

If you looked at closely, you would notice that there were always several people surrounded the pattern on the flower, as if they were waiting something.  Then all of the sudden, in the mid-air, roughly one metre above the centre of the flower pattern on the floor, the dense energy would burst out and sparkling lights would be released.  This energy then would become a sphere.

Now, the people around the centre of the floor, while an energy sphere hovering over in the mid-air, would examine the energy sphere.  If someone became sure that it belonged to them, they would proceed towards the sphere, receive it with both hands, then swore allegiance to the mission in which the sphere had chosen. Each energy sphere was belonged to one person on Earth, with their chosen mission inside. We, who live in this astral plane, either chose to become this human’s guardian angel, or to become human ourselves in order to support the mission and its owner in its unique ways.

Let me introduce us to you now. We are the entity who lives in the astral plane where spirit and matters meet and coexist. Our main role is to support humans on the earth, who supposed to live according to the laws of universe, to fullfill their missions.  We wear a tightly fit suit, which shines by the light through the transparent ceiling and walls of the building. The material of these suits is very functional and comfortable for us. Our shoes are made out of another functional material, but not animal skin. It is very smooth and shiny and the design was very smart and smooths. Most common colours were black, grey and white. There were a several different designs, including nine centimetres high heels.

All of us in this astral plane were waiting to receive a mission from the energy sphere one day. Receiving the energy sphere means you find your own mission and would support the mission of the energy sphere.  By receiving the sphere, we started to live our own stories in this life in full, leaving our lives to something greater than our thoughts or flesh.

I was not expecting to receive my energy sphere soon. Most likely that I had to wait for a long long time, mainly because I was not reached the certain age yet.

And usually us, astral entities, were considered to learn and experience various subjects in our lives at school, until we were ‘ready’. When will we become ready?  Ready for what?  It was a pure pain for me, to learn boring subjects and waiting something could happen as a result.  True, I am NOT the age for the energy sphere, so is my height, yet.  I am NOT that smart either. I don’t know the entire constellation in the night sky, nor I cannot read every wind across ocean and the earth while I am just contemplating the ultimate question – how to expand the mind of humans on earth.  I don’t have the knowledge, ability and consciousness for them.  I, however, truly wanted my energy sphere so that I could be descending to the earth, meeting my soul family and friends, and starting my own story.  My stories? Yes, it will be my stories.  I know I am human on earth.

 I was sending jealous looks to the centre of the floor, as usual.  I was jealous that someone would receive the energy sphere.  I was also giving up because I knew that I was not the age yet and was not ready yet.  There were several people, surrounded the centre of the floor, waiting the sphere.  Some felt they would receive the sphere that day, or were told by someone above that they would receive the sphere today.

This energy sphere arrived unusually.

When the energy sphere appeared from the air, there were usually countless rays of sparkling light, descending slowly from the ceiling to the floor.  Then we knew it was time the energy sphere would appear any moment.

However, that energy sphere didn’t have usual sparkling lights descending from the ceiling, therefore no one knew the sphere would appear soon afterwards.

At first, it appeared faintly a couple of time, like a fire without much fuel, then disappeared, then appeared again.  Apparently, this process lasted 2,3 minutes (according to someone who watched the recording later on).  While this ‘indecisive’ energy appeared and disappeared and appeared again in front of the people, the dark clouds started to occupy the large part of the sky.  Then there was a strong cracking noise as if the glass ceiling was broken.

A strong and energy-full light came through the dome suddenly.  It looked that the light was absorbed in the centre of the floor.  Then the energy sphere appeared.

“It was, as if, very indecisive person was forced to make a decision to come out from the air…”

said one of audience, much later.

Because of this dramatic and unusually appearance of this energy sphere, people who surrounds it took a couple of steps backwards in order to see how the things was going.  I needed to go backwards too but wasn’t careful enough to check what’s behind me.  There was a pot plant and I tripped over it, about to fall on the floor.  Then something happened totally unexpectedly.  The energy sphere saw me I was about to fall. It flew over me and wrapped my body and hold it, just before I hit the floor, then got me up.

“Thank you…”

The energy sphere smiled to my ‘thank you’, I recognised it.  Then, I held the energy sphere with both of my hands.

A man from the crowd stood at front, shook his head and pointed his finger at me.

“No no no…just because it saved you from hitting the floor, it does not to mean that that sphere belong to you, does it?  You haven’t reached the age yet, either.  Well, give the sphere back here.  We need to find its true owner…”

I objected indignantly. “No, this is mine.  That’s why it saved me from falling onto the floor.”

“Well well well, think carefully, my child.  All sphere is a gift from God, a chunk of unconditional love.  It is, therefore, quite natural for any sphere to save anyone, just like that sphere saved you just now.  However, this particular sphere is not an ordinary sphere – it must have very important, heavy responsibilities and extraordinary mission.”

“This is mine and I know it.”

What I said seemed hit the man’s nerve.

“Stop being such a stubborn child.  This is NOT a toy.  We don’t want you to be unreasonable anymore.”

“Why are you so sure that this sphere doesn’t belong to me?”

He pointed to the ceiling.

“Short time before this sphere appeared from the air, a strong ray of light descended from the sky. It means this sphere has significant mission which could cause a big change in the human world.  Do you understand?  It is very special mission, indeed.”

Squeezing my courage out of my heart, I faced that man meeting eye to eye, and said calmly but challengingly.

“You are saying that I am not good enough for that mission?”

The man sighed and hesitated a little.

“I am saying that you are not yet ready for it.”

Surely, I was still a bit younger that others who got those energy spheres for themselves.  However, to tell you the truth, I had been waiting to receive mission from the sphere since I was a little child.  I still rushed through things too quickly and was still scared of a few things and I hadn’t demonstrated the sign of leadership, such as being able to make a big decision in a calm and decisive manner.  But, it is absolutely true that I had been waiting the moment I received the energy sphere and its mission, so that I could do something.  I couldn’t wait anymore!

“Sir, this is my energy sphere. I have been waiting so long.  I would not allow anyone to take it from me anymore.”

My voice became weaker and weaker.  Was it truly me, saying all this?  The tears dropped from my eyes.  The energy sphere noticed it and became large, so that it wrapped my entire body again.  A countless number of sparkling lights started to descent slowly.  At the same time, several hundreds of energy spheres appeared from the air one by one, then they all became one with the sphere that wrapped my body.  People, including the man who demanded that I return the energy sphere, watched this incredible sight with awe or terror.

Then, we heard the voice, descending from the heaven.

“Are you ready for the mission?”

I nodded and looked up the ceiling.  With my arms spread fully, I could make my sphere’s energy even brighter and stronger.  Then a ray of light came through from the sky, became one with my energy, and then wrapped everyone in that dome.

That was how my journey begun.


by Eurus Piper

Shallots and Cosmos

shallots and cosmos

As soon as the sign of spring arrived, I bought a punnet of shallot seedlings and planted them in my garden.  Those seedlings were very thin, like needles, and feeble.  I made holes for them first, then placed each seedling in the hole, and then, put the soil back in with great care.  Finally, I watered the seedlings with water, again, with great care.  If I didn’t water them carefully, the seedlings looked as if they would drown and break into pieces.

In between those thin and feeble looking shallot seedlings, there were many seeds that fell from the white cosmos during previous season.  White cosmos seedlings had been growing since I planted shallots on the soil.  White cosmos seedlings developed feathery, thin layered leaves around its stem, and now they had several white buds on them.

One fine and breezy morning, I looked at my garden, again.  There were shallots, appearing like a collection of green swords trying to reach to the sky, and white cosmos wearing a robe of green feathers.  Green swords and green feathers… I was lost in admiration of the beauty of the contrast of them in the corner of my garden.

Shallots just needs to grow straight towards the sky, as shallots should.  Cosmos just needs to grow its feathery leaves, flirting among spring breeze, grow its stems, then make the white buds open in the sunshine, as cosmos should.

by Eurus Piper

Connecting The Heaven and The Earth: The Bridge Crystal

Bridge copy

“This is called ‘the bridge crystal’.  I am told that this connects the heaven and the earth.”

He showed me that crystal. It had a fat, almost transparent body with a few white inclusions inside.  It grows upwards to the right, but it also had a solid crystal on the bottom which held the top crystal at 90 degree, like a cross.

He held the crystal with his hands, as if it was the rarest treasure of the world.  And he looked into the crystal with his soft, loving gaze.

“Could I hold the crystal, too?”

When I asked him softly, he realised that he completely forgot about my presence and looked very embarrassed.  He, however, quickly pulled himself together and handed the crystal to me with extremely careful manner.

“Of course you can.  Here you go…”

I felt its weight both with my hands and my heart.  It was amusing to see the crystal emitting rainbow coloured refection from the lights.  He then suddenly turned off the lights. Turning back with mild surprise, I saw him grinning like a boy with a cunning plan.

“Bring the crystal to the window, then let it bath in the moonlight.”

He whispered with his soft, deep voice.

Pale blue moonlight, which could possibly cleanse the deepest parts of my eyes, shone on the corner of the room through the window.  I held the crystal with my hands up to my chest, as if I was offering the crystal to the moon.  The crystal was now bathing in the continuous flows of moonlight, which made the crystal look even shinier.  At the same time, I was filled with the mysterious feeling – as if I was listening to the quiet, yet magnificent music from the universe.

“Would you like to put the crystal here now?”

He then took the crystal from me then put it on the table under the window.

“Have you been listening to the music, haven’t you?”

He asked. I nodded.


mumbling, he kissed me on my lips very lightly, like a feather.  We became at one with each other on that night, the first time, after two years of chatting at the coffee shop.

It was six months now, since he left this world and me.

He took his own life on following week of that night, when he took me to his flat and showed me that bridge crystal. There were no notes for anyone – family nor friends, except for me.   “To xxx”, the memo said and it was folded in half and placed under the bridge crystal.  That was all.

We, he and I, didn’t know each other’s phone number.  We were, however, in a kind of relationship which we met at the coffee shop at the front of the subway station every Thursday evening.  We had talked 3-4 hours then.  How it started was a legend.  Two years ago, my then boyfriend from the work, stunned me by announcing his engagement with his senior’s daughter in the same company.  With shock, I was sitting like a frozen penguin in the corner of the coffee shop alone at least 2 or 3 hours, apparently.  Then he (not the one who ditched me on that day) found me.  He started to worry about me for some reason and decided to sit the next corner from me and kept eyes on me.  After 3 hours, however, his patience run out, quite expectedly.  Then he spoke to me.

“You know, if you freeze like you have been in the last 2 – 3 hours, you will truly become frozen!”

His voice was deep and kind.  His look was very friendly and sincere.  My heart, which was almost frozen, was warmed gently by them.  Tears started to flow from my eyes like spring rain.  Surprised, he then quickly ordered another cup of coffee for me and himself, with a strawberry short cake.  This made me cry even more.  Putting myself on the table, I had been whaling another 30 minutes or so, with him, even more worried.

This was how we became in a kind relationship we had after that.  Every Thursday evening at 6:30, we had met at the coffee shop at the front of the subway station.  We talked a lot.  Now that I think about it, it was mostly me talking about how unfortunate I was and how broken my heart was, however.

He had been a good listener and occasionally gave me some comments without much judgement.  Did we started to, then, having a feeling towards each other, thinking, perhaps this was love?

When I first found out that he took his own life, it was anger and resentment that appeared in my heart deep inside.  Why, after that two years of only talking, did he have to take his own life just after the night when we finally become intimate?  Why did he leave me after that?  Why didn’t he talked me about things that gave him hard time or worried him so badly, if he needed to kill himself because of that?  The more resentment towards him and what he did to me, however, the more I wanted to blame myself.

How could he talk to me about his problems, when I was already making myself a drama queen with my problems to him.  He needed to stick to the role of someone who was extremely kind to me, didn’t he?  And, wouldn’t he become less interested in revealing his dark secrets to me, as I looked so incapable of taking anything other than myself and my drama?  I had been such an idiot, someone who took all the blood from him like a vampire.   He offered his kindness to me all the time, of which he never got back in return from me.  It was impossible for me to imagine, that he also had his own thoughts, that which made him suffer. It was clear that I had been such an ignorant and uncaring ‘friend’ to him but he never expected anything from me.

In this full moon night, the moonlight felt increasingly pure and cleansing.  I felt that all my negative emotions, such as regrets, anger and resentment, were as if purified and cleansed by the moonlight.  I held this memento tightly at the front of my chest, feeling its weight and the coldness. The bridge crystal started to reflect its rainbow light, same light as he showed me the first time at his flat.  Was that a same full moon night?  Sure, it was…

Then, the bridge crystal started to vibrate faintly, as if recharging its energy from the moonlight.  Receiving its vibration with my both hands, I too started to felt something was overflowing from the deepest place of my heart.

What is this?

Then big drops of tears started to pour down from my eyes.  The tears dropped on the bridge crystal, it also left my hands cold.  I felt that the coldness of the body of the bridge crystal pierced into my hands.  I no longer felt anger nor resentment.  I had been sitting there alone, crying for a long time, with my hands were taken by my tears and the coldness of the crystal.  The moonlight looked that it increased the purifying and cleansing power as the night went on.  The moonlight wrapped around me, and I felt that I had become connected with the bridge crystal which started to look even shiner.  Then I felt, and become quite sure that he came back to me.  He was with me, right now, bathing the moonlight with me in this space.



By Eurus Piper

Why You Should NOT Grow Lavender In Your Garden


Bluish purple lavender flowers are keeping me busy right now.  I took cuttings from my old lavender bush and propagated them a couple of years ago. Now in their second year of being in the ground, all my lavender bushes are well established and in full bloom.  After the tiring day at work, I will come back home, with hungry children, and prepare dinner.  Then I eat my dinner rather quickly, and I go to the front garden where all my second-year lavender bushes are.  Why?  Because I need to harvest them before they’ve ruined.  If you think I am promoting to you that you should grow lavender at home, however, WRONG!  Here are some points I need to make before you are going to make a fatal mistake of try growing lavender bush at your own garden!


  1. Lavender is too easy to grow. No need to water every day, only a tiny amount of fertiliser may be necessary, and insects generally hate sticking around in lavender bush, so you don’t need to treat lavender with any chemicals.  Isn’t it too boring for you?  Particularly, if you are very caring person who also loves gardening, or who would like to try gardening as a new hobby?


  1. Lavender contains very fragrant medicinal substances in its body. This relaxes you, getting rid of your exhaustion and headache, heals your sore throught, and bring you a very good night sleep!  Imagine what your thoughts would be like when you wake up the following day.


And this is going to be a big problem.  How are people around you going to cope with you, looking rejuvenated, full of energy and alert, and even looking gorgeous!  You may be looked as ‘threat’ for the rest of the population who are very tired all the time, lack of energy and motivation.  You seem to be able to change the whole world into blight and sunny ones and they are not going to like that, I assume, so they are likely to stay away from you.


  1. Isolation will continue not only because you become super healthy (because of your lavender bushes in your garden), but also you will change completely…you bring back all the life force that you are born with, the mighty gift from the god and the creator. Now you believe you can do anything on the planet…you feel grateful and you appreciate everything you have, everything you have experienced, everyone you met (and going to meet in the future) as they are all contributing what you are and what you want to become.  You have already reached the common goal of humanity – to become happy.  You are happy now (because of your lavender bushes in your garden!).  What are you going to do now?


  1. You are going to have another big problem in your life because of your lavender bushes in your garden. Having lavender bushes makes your garden exceptionally beautiful…Why is this problem?  This is going to be a problem because you are going to spend more time in the garden, even after tiresome day at work and you rather go to bed directly, rather than snipping off ten, or fifty lavender flowers in the evening, sniffing its fragrance (relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time!). You may put a ribbon on it and leave it on the bedside table – a wonderful dried flower  that helps you a good night sleep.  Again, you are going to be even healthier and happier because this lavender bunch will guarantee you a wonderful and restful sleep.  You may pick more lavenders and make bunches for your collegues.  They will love your small gift from your garden and thank you.  You will be happy again, so most likely, you are going to look after your lavender bushes even more so that you can harvest and share lavender flowers with them.  Think again…do you really have time and energy to do that?



  1. There are more ill effects from growing lavender bushes in your garden. Its easiness to grow, extremely positive effects on your health and the sense of happiness, your garden’s transformation into extremely beautiful lavender heaven, you running out of time because you need to pick thousands of lavender bushes for yourself and your collegue or friends…they are a just a few of many ill effects from growing lavender bushes in your garden.  Lastly but not the least, I will give you warning about this dangerous practice of growing lavender bushes in your garden.

There are tens hundreds variety of lavender in the world.  Briefly speaking, there are three major lavender varieties readily available on the market; English lavender, which has small heads with hundreds of small flowers with strong aroma; French lavender, which seems to have strongest growing habit near the ocean or where there is a strong wind with extreme temperature.  Italian or Spanish lavender, which has two distinct ‘feather looking’ parts on its head, is very amiable and popular as well.  Each variety I have mentioned just now has variations in colour – traditional Lavender blue, stronger blue or soft blue, strong pink coloured or soft coloured and white.   They are all beautiful and attractive.  You will definitely like to spend some money to acquire 3 or 4 or 5 more different variety of lavenders.

Can you afford them?  I am already starting to get worried….


The Crystal and The Moon


Driving down to further south, on the road which runs near the ocean twisted around the escarpment, there stood one small antique shop, quite alone.  Mrs. Hudson, the owner of the shop was a slightly mysterious lady, yet, at the same time, could be quite generous and friendly.  Some lucky weekend city escapers could be welcomed with her excellent choice of Earl Gray tea in her collection of antique cups.


It was one August night, a full moon. The burnt air of mid-summer started to cool down rapidly, and to mix with breeze from the ocean. Mrs. Hudson ate her supper, then sat down the chair right next to the window towards the ocean. It was her usual routine in the evening, enjoying Earl Gray tea in her favourite cup and saucer by Shelly.

There were truly hundreds of various objects in the shop, such as the old grass bottle and tea cups, someone’s portraits on the wall and the mirror table with some possibly horrible past, piles of old books with leather cover of which gold imprint of the title was almost rubbed off.  When the moonlight shone on them, they became alive once more, as if someone put a magic on them.  Mrs. Hudson had been enjoying this magical moment in her shop in the evening, for a long time by herself.

There was, however, one truly magical object in the shop.  It was a small crystal point, sitting on the top shelf of the cupboard which faced the ocean.  It was about 5 centimetres high, and the smallish hand of Mrs. Hudson could hold it with a bit of effort. Its body contained several cracks inside, and the small yet fantastically magical world could be existed in it.  If one looked closer towards the base, there would be more of smaller cracks inside, making the body look white.   If you look towards the apex, however, the body became transparent.  When the morning sun shines on this crystal, cracks inside the body catch the light and radiate rainbow coloured sparks.  And on the full moon evening like tonight, moonlight wraps around this crystal, making it alive and living.  When Mrs. Hudson felt this breath of crystal, she smiled and said ‘good night’ to the crystal, then finally went to bed, leaving the crystal quite alone and free.

Mrs. Hudson never saw what would happen to this crystal afterwards, but quite sure that it would move around freely.  And this is true, as all the crystal on Earth, whatever it was, secretly contains its magic inside them.

That full moon night, after checking Mrs. Hudson went to bed, the crystal changed its shape into transparent, with occasional rainbow, sparkling crystal cat utilising the magic of the full moon light.  The crystal cat opened the cupboard door, jumped off from the top shelf of it, landed on the small table right next to the table.  Then the cat heard the faint noise.

“ Meow.”

He (the crystal cat) heard the noise in between the soft and continuous sound of waves.  He knew there were some cats around here, but it wasn’t the cry from them, he was certain.  It was clear, transparent soft voice, and he thought he knew the voice.  Was the voice possibly from the moonlight?


The crystal cat answered back.  He knew his answer was received.

Who are you?  What are you?

He asked in his head but no response came.  Silence fell.  Only the soft sound of waves and occasional noise from the car from the road were heard, moonlight shone upon the world.


By next full moon, it was getting very cool with the clear sigh of the autumn.  Sunday afternoon, when most weekender was heading back to the town, a tall and thin lady and her small daughter opened the door gingerly, and came in.  When the mother found that Mrs. Hudson had just started to do the dusting, she said “sorry for coming in this time of the day” with faint voice in an apologetic tone.  Mrs. Hudson smiled at her and assured that it was perfectly ok.

“Not a problem, dear.  Or if my dusting has made you feel you were not welcome, I apologise.  Would you like to have a cup of tea?   Take your seat and relax.”

The kind words of Mrs. Hudson made the mother feel better.  She smiled wanly and thanked Mrs. Hudson for the offer but declined.   The girl, with her brown hair tied into two pig tails and wearing a comfortable looking, cotton indigo dress, walked into the back of the shop rather fast, then found the crystal on the top shelf of the cupboard which was facing the ocean.  Beaming, with her right index finger pointed at the crystal, the girl told her mother with determined voice.

“That one, mama, that one!  I would like to get that crystal.”

Without giving any discussion, however, the mother shook her head strongly.  The face of the girl was distorted with sadness, and her shoulder shook a little.  She seemed to being try very hard not to cry.  The mother took her right hand and said quickly to Mrs. Hudson “Thank you for having us.  Have a good afternoon.”, leaving Mrs. Hudson in a bewildered state of mind.  That crystal was never for sale, as far as Mrs. Hudson concerned, but the mother could have asked her.  Why did the mother say no to the girl, without any discussion?  More importantly, however, how did the girl find the crystal which was on the top shelf of the cupboard at the back of the shop, facing the ocean, as soon as they came to the shop, and why did she want the crystal?  Did she know anything about the magic of the crystal?   Then Mrs.Hudson realised that it was full moon that night.

That evening, after making sure that Mrs. Hudson was asleep, the crystal cat was looking out the ocean from his favourite table right next to the window, being wrapped around by the magic moonlight, as usual.  Then he heard the noise, again, among the soft sound of waves of the ocean below.


He knew it was the same noise as a full moon ago.  Staring hard at outside, he found figure of a small girl with two pig tails and indigo dress, magic full moonlight shining upon her.  She found the crystal cat, her eyes beamed with joy.  The crystal cat asked her with a bit of hesitation, and expectation.

Who are you?

The girl smiled, knowingly.

I am the moon cat.

The girl suddenly transformed into an iridescent white cat, and walked through the window towards the crystal cat.  The moon cat looked through the eyes of the crystal cat, then hugged him tightly.  Big droplets of tears came down from her eyes.

Finally, I found you.  I had been looking for you for a long time, very very long time.

Me?  Why?

wondered the crystal cat.  They never knew each other before, except she came to the shop this afternoon and wanted the crystal but her mother said no. The moon cat replied.

Because I had lost you before, a long long time ago.

The moon cat kissed the crystal cat on his cheek.  The crystal was mildly surprised, and that made the moon giggled.

I cannot stay long, but I will be back.


On next full moon night.  Now that I know where you are, it is going to be easy.

Kissed once more, the moon cat again walked through the window, disappeared into the darkness, as if she melted into the moon light.  Left alone, the crystal cat was a bit taken aback, looking outside vaguely till the morning light shone upon him.

After that evening, on every full moon evening, the moon cat disguised as a girl, visited the crystal cat at the antique shop near the ocean.  They would play hide and seek, chase each other in turn, or sit together on the small table right next to the window, chatting about what they had been doing and seeing since the last full moon night, and discussing how they felt about the music of soft sounds of waves down below the ocean.


It was 6 months after that night when Mrs. Hudson got a heart attack and passed away at the local hospital, with the presence of her son and his family.  On that full moon evening, icy cold moon light shone upon the antique shop and cottage where Mrs. Hudson had lived.  Most of the items in the antique shops were sold, leaving the inside of the shop, quite empty.  The cupboard had gone, too.  How about that magic crystal?  Well, it escaped, rather opportunistically…When the tradesmen came and carried out the cupboard to their track, the crystal managed to escaped from them without noticed by anyone, falling on the ground first, then falling down the hill, until it hit the small area of the sand right on the ocean beach.

Small waves took the crystal into the ocean, as if it was an invitation for the new world.  The cold water of the ocean cleansed the body of the crystal, then the cracks inside it disappeared, making it perfectly transparent and clear.  There wasn’t any new world for the crystal cat, in the ocean, however.  Its body never changed into the free-spirited soft cat even with the full moon light through the ocean.  The crystal closed his eyes and heart, sinking into the bottom of the ocean.

It was the full moon night.  As always, the moon cat, disguised as a girl with two pig tails, wearing the indigo dress, appeared at the front of the window of the antique shop, positively expecting the crystal cat waiting for her.  The moon cat, however, could not see the crystal cat through the window. In fact, she could not see anything inside of the window.  The shop was empty.


Crying loudly and looking around, the moon cat started to look for the sign of the crystal frantically.

Where are you?  Where are you?

Came no reply.  The moon cat started to breathe fast and heavily, when found something glowing on the bottom of the ocean.

Is it you?  The crystal?

She flew down like a shooting star on the small sand between the steep slope and the ocean.  She started to run towards the bottom of the ocean, toward that glowing light. The cold ocean water pieced her entire body.  The moon cat moaned, hesitated to proceed further.  Then she saw the glowing light of the bottom of the ocean, once more.


Crying again, the moon cat started to go further.  The water took her totally now.  The moon cat was losing her warmth, heart beat slowing down, breathing less and less… but she seemed forgot all about that.  She was, apparently, only focussing on reaching the glowing light in the bottom of the ocean.

The water was cold, dark and heavy, like a chunk of lead.  Full moon light was obscured by the current in the ocean.  The moon cat saw a school of jelly fish floating like ghosts, silver fish gathered together behind the big rock, their eyes kept open.  The current got hold of the moon cat, dragging her further and further away from the shore.  The moon cat finally felt that this was it, the end of her life, sinking deeper and deeper, and possibly shedding tears from her eyes but she could not know as she was in the deep water.

I thought…

The final moment of reflection seemed to came to the moon cat.

After all that, all that me searching for the crystal cat, and found him, I thought,  that we could finally settled on this life, happily together, for a long time ahead…

The current pulled the moon cat and the crystal further to the deeper end of the ocean.  Through the night of the cold full moon, the moon cat, holding the crystal with her upper arms tightly, was dragged further and further from ashore.  Then, a morning sun arise.

The sea breeze changed quickly, discarding the heaviness of the cold night before.  Crisp and shining sun light started to sliding across the surface of the ocean.  Then a ray of morning sunshine went deep down in the ocean, reaching to the body of the moon cat and the crystal.  The moment the light touched them, millions of rainbow sparkle shot out from the moon cat and the crystal, taking then out of the bottom of the ocean to the sky above, where morning sun greeted them warmly.




The end.

Rose: Sentimental


I strongly believe that

  this is the rose which should be sent to ALL the women in the world.

Why?  Because it is heavenly.

Heavenly, because there are so many petals which opens loosely yet elegantly,

and its aroma fascinates anyone, who obtains just one of this roses.

This is the art and precious gift from the nature.

This rose, “Sentimental” it is called, does not have a big face.

Scarlet lines run across randomly across the petals

with splash of that scarlet mixed with the water,

it makes pretty impressive pattern

as if it is painted by hand.

If you have a privilege of picking one from the garden,

and putting it into a glass bottle,

you will notice immediately that

the scent catches you completely.

It contains very strong and freely spirited energy

that may open your heart from deep inside.

The fragrance of this rose is enchanting,

yet it fits into your everyday environment effortlessly.

Having just one of this rose on the table,

you will notice the immediate appearance of elegance.

It is a mystery, or tragedy I should say that

I have never witnessed this rose on the window of any flower shop in town.

Surely it is the time for someone to start growing this a lot!

My “Sentimental” roses come from my garden.

 I bought the plant 2 years ago and planted it on one section of my front garden.

The plant has been growing healthily since.

I can see more buds have been produced this year and they become fatter and fatter day by day.

The ultimate happiness for me, in this season, is that

enjoying fully the elegance of this rose,

petal opening and fragrance released little by little

in my own garden.

I am seriously wonder that

which woman could resist a bunch of this rose from anyone…

For example, in the case of dreamy teenager girls,

by having a single flower of this “Sentimental” rose

in her bed room,

she will immediately see that

her life becomes suddenly full of hope, wonder and adventures

instead of hopeless and desperate escapism.

For the young lady

who has just graduated the school, and

who has been trying hard not to be swollen by the harsh reality of everyday life,

this rose helps her to bring back the remaining memory of her femineity

buried deep inside of hear heart,

by freely spirited the painting of the scarlet pattern of the petals, and

sweet yet deep fragrance that which rescue her back from the harsh reality of the everyday life.

For the dedicated mother,

who becomes a bit weary of looking after her little one day by day by herself,

if someone (hopefully her beloved husband) send just one of this rose,

her heart will become full of joy,

as if her favourite aunt gives her a small sweet treat without telling her mum.

In the case of middle-aged lady,

by having this rose in her bed side table in the evening,

she may have to start re-building her true self from scratch,

as ultimate beauty and truth of this rose will make her feel uncomfortable

about her vanity which has been built over the years

such as make-up (to look younger yet accommodating), dresses, jewellery and social status.

This is a great chance for all woman in this age to fully become awake as a true-self – however, I wonder,

how many of us are able to face this challenge?

If you are a lonely woman of certain old age

by having one of this rose on your bed table

you will know that you have received the best possible gift from your life.

You, then, will be able to depart this life with absolute peace.

This ‘Sentimental’ rose can give so much to women that

I cannot honestly expect to find another single rose that can.

Lastly, but not the least,

this “Sentimental” rose grows in very modest manner in your garden,

despite its show-stopping looks and fragrance.

It is the best if you can plant this rose on the earth directly,


I believe you can also grow it in the big container which has at least 36 cent meter diameter.

With high quality potting mix, high quality organic fertiliser, water and constant communication with and love from you,

this ‘Sentimental’ rose will give you ultimate joy that is beyond description

for the rest of your life.

By Eurus Piper