Burrangawarry Mountains, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia.

YM from Sydney, Australia

– I had been unable to say NO to one of my client who brought me extra jobs for a couple of years.  The situation was very intense and I was under stress.  When I consulted with Tomoko about this,  she found some subconscious beliefs that supported this situation in me. After some discussion, she rewrote my subconscious beliefs.  Next time I met that client, her attitude towards me and my job completely changed.  Now our work relationship was dramatically improved and we became very good and trusted work mates.  Thank you, Tomoko.

YJ from Sydney, Australia

– I had trouble selling my house for several months before I had a few session with Tomoko.  We started to clear some beliefs from my childhood and it was very profound.  I was amazed subconscious connection between me having a difficulty in selling my house and my childhood memory, thanks to Tomoko’s guidance.  2 days later the last session, I was able to get a good deal with the buyer of my house.  Thank you very much, Tomoko! It was truly fascinating how you go about the session and the results came after that!  I will see you again in future!

MY from Tokyo, Japan

– I had been suffering severe rush and couldn’t rest well at night for 3 weeks before I had a session with Tomoko.  She pointed out that it came from my relationship with a colleague at work.  Tomoko commanded my healing to the Creator and rewrote a few subconscious beliefs relating to my rush.  On that night, the rush decreased significantly and I could have a good night rest.  Tomoko also instructed to me how to take care of myself. I was truly greateful what Tomoko helped me in this.  Thank you for the healing, Tomoko!

IM from Ehime, Japan

– I didn’t know anything about Theta Healing so I was a bit nervous to start with.  Firstly, Tomoko suggested me receiving the body scan.  I was amazed that she pointed out exactly where I got some issues in my body.  Tomoko also showed me some subconscious beliefs in me and it was totally eye opening.  She then helped me to ‘graduate’ from the old subconscious beliefs so that I could move ahead from issues that I got stuck with.  After the session, I felt totally refreshed.  I will continue what Tomoko taught me to maintain my body.  Thank you very much for your help.

KT from Matsuyama, Japan

– I was truly grateful of Tomoko’s sincerity and professionality during the session.  She tried access my subconscious beliefs and childhood memories that I was not able to, with a gentle and caring way. Tomoko spoke with warmth and care for me during the session so that I didn’t get scared or worried.  I realised her strength behind what she did during the session and that was truly great.  I would look up to Tomoko’s standard for my therapeutic business practice.  Thank you and see you again.


Tomoko’s Sessions

Theta Healing Session

1 hour consultation/ A$100 Online(ZOOM)

Blue sky and the beach, Austinmir, NSW, Australia.

Spiritual coaching 3 session package

– Theta healing, the work by K Byron (self-reflecting work)

         1-hour consultation X 3 times A$280 Online

Homework will be provided. 

1week interval will be necessarily so that you can prepare for the following session at the deeper level. 

When achieving the deeper level of understanding of the issue, more issues that are related to the original one can be resolved.


Tibetan Singing Bowl by the sea.

Chakra Clearing with Tibetan Singing Bowl

        45 minutes A$45. (Face to face only)   

 There are seven energy centres, called Chakra, in your body.

Each centre has unique functions. 

If these chakras are not aligned, physical and/or mental disorder could occur. 

By aligning all chakras, the body’s various function will be re-activated and sense of content and peace will be obtained.

The frequency of Tibetan Singing Bowl will clear the negative energy in your body and chakra system.

For booking or inquiry,

contact Tomoko on: hasekannon27@gmail.com

Instagram: tomokoshiine

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tomokoshiine

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