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Macquarie Pass National Park, Australia.

Theta Healing Session

1 hour consultation/ A$100 Online(ZOOM)

This consultation is for you if you are;

  • Wishing to spend 100% of your energy for the direction of life where you want to, but you can’t because of various issues in your current life (work, business, family environment, money, personality, etc.)
  • Having trouble in relationships, such as family and business.
  • Suffering from physical and mental problems from your childhood or past life traumatic experiences.
  • Having difficulty learning Languages (Japanese) and other skills because of traumatic or negative experience in the past.
  • Willing to access your past life and obtain the learning from that time and bring back them so that you can utilise them in your real life.

Spiritual coaching 3 session package – Theta healing, the work by K Byron (self-reflecting work)

1 hour consultation X 3 times A$280 Online

 Your utmost issue will be looked at carefully and incrementally in this 3 sessions package.


Homework will be provided. 

1week interval will be necessarily so that you can prepare for the following session at the deeper level. 

When achieving the deeper level of understanding of the issue, more issues that are related to the original one can be resolved.

Tibetan Singing Bowl by the beach.


Chakra Clearing with Tibetan Singing Bowl

 30 minutes A$40. (Face to face only)  

 There are seven energy centres, called Chakra, in your body.

Each centre has unique functions. 

If these chakras are not aligned, physical and/or mental disorder could occur. 

By aligning all chakras, the body’s various function will be re-activated and sense of content and peace will be obtained.

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